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recurrent cancer

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Anyone out there who had a low grade lung cancer and have a recurrence? Just wonder what symptoms to watch for or just count on ct scans?

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Please let us all know if the "low grade lung cancer" that you refer to has or has not recurred in your loved one! There are MANY people on this site that have "beat cancer's butt!" Just keep the faith!

I wantyou to meditate/pray, (whateer you feel comfortable doing!) and let a "higher power" help you and your loved one have peace and hope.

Love and best wishes,


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Posts: 398
Joined: Aug 2008

I was stage 1a lung cancer VATS surgery 9/10/08. No chemo. I know you are very similiar but you had chemo. My doctor said no. I am due for my appointment in a month 1year. I find I get very nervous before my appointments. Do you feel the same as you did before surgery? I feel good but since I had no symptoms it is hard to tell if I am back to normal and I'm not sure what is normal.

I do pray every day.

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Hi catcon49,

I am new here and I was reading your post and felt the concern you are having about having a scan done and finding a possible re-occurrence. I know exactly how you are feeling. Scares the hebe-jebe's out of me too.

I am now 2 years out from my Vats wedge-resection (T1a Squamous cell lung cancer). I feel wonderful and have no long lasting pain (some discomfort every once in a while) or extended breathing problems, which sorta blows my mind since I also have mild COPD.

This past February my pet scan did show a problem of possible concern, so my oncologist
had me have another cat scan done a month later of the Thorax area that lit up on my February pet scan. I have never received a phone call to tell me if there was anything to worry about, so I have been telling myself it must have been OK.

I am about to have another cat scan done this July 6th and a bit nervous about having it done but prayer and faith keeps me strong and hopeful that I can face yet another scan and believe it will come back as NED.

Faith, prayer and a strong sense of humor are the tools we all need when dealing with any form of cancer, especially humor.

Good luck with your continued good health and I will pray that you will become a long term cancer free survivor too.

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