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So much pain!!

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Hi everyone, I had my resection on the 14th of May after having emergency surgery. I went into the ER for stabbing pain in my ribcage. After many test and hours later I was told I had nodules on my liver, and after cononoscopy reavealed colon cancer. I will be having my first chemo on the 18th of June (Thurs) But my issues are that I am in sooo much pain! I have my liver pain, stomach pain, and where my colon was resected is still hurting. At nightfall I start feeling feverish, with flulike symptoms and just hurting all over. The Darvocet they gave me is making me constipated and feeling like I could throw up any minute. I guess this is just the Cancer that is making me hurt all over. It is just so hard to get in the zone to gear up for chemo when you feel like this. I don't want to sound like such a downer to all of you who are so positive. I am just so new to all of this and feel so scared. I was hoping that some of you could relate to this and give me some advice. Will the chemo actually make me feel better if it starts shrinking soon? how long on chemo before tumors started shrinking? I also have cancer in lymphnodes in some of my stomach lining.I really thought with so much time in between surgery and chemo I would be stronger and ready to go in fighting! I am finding that I feel bad most of the time, with only having a few hours of feeling good. I can't take loritabs which would be stronger but make me very sick to my stomach. Darvocet is about the only thing I can tolerate. They were giving me Delodid in the hospital via iv. That worked but not something you can stay on. Thank, Patti

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I can relate to you totally. My tumor became abcessed from the flu I got from my granddaughter, I went through months of pain before getting ready to start my treatment, they wouldn't even give me Darvacet until I was ready to start treatments. Finally though after my final colonoscopy they did agree to give me Percocet since I was now just a week or two out from starting treatment.

My Onocologist took me off that and got me going on Oxycotin and a different pain pill, don't remember them all since I was on so many different types through my ordeal, each time getting a little stronger.

Hang in there though as I remember once the treatments started my pain level actually started to drop a bit, so that the meds could catch up with the pain and made it more managable. Just keep asking your doctor or reminding them that you are in pain.


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Hi, Patti.

I'm sorry you're in such pain. Make sure you stay in touch with the doctors if this mess keeps up.


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....Stage 4 colon cancer with a tumor in my liver, but just have occasional pain, in my right and left sides, that I take oxycotin for, and they are going to be giving me Codeine immediate release, since I think the Morphine Immediate release just upsets my stomach, I am not in much pain at all, but I was very uncomfortable and bloated when first diagnosed, I had over 25 lbs of fluid all over my body, just swelling up, and I tell ya, when I had my first chemo treatment, it ALL went away, I got down to a nice, comfortable weight, where I"m like 125 now, and hardly no pain, the chemo will help take some of that discomfort away, my insides are all soft inside now when they used to be really hard, with the tumors before chemo, but you will notice a huge difference once you start your treatments :)

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