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Cost of treament for Pancreatic Cancer

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My mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she does not have medical insurance. Does anybody know the cost of treatment for surgery, chemotherapy etc?--- like a ballpark figure? From the diagnosis so far, it looks like it is in early stage and confined to the pancreas.

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I'm sorry about your mother. My husband Len had the Whipple surgery done on April 29, 2009. If the surgery can be done, it is so important to use a surgeon who is very experienced and a major hospital. The surgery is very difficult and long. Time recuperating may be long too. So far, the hospital and doctor bill came to over $200,000. This is not counting all the testing done prior. Insurance took care of the costs for us. Len didn't start his chemo/radiation yet so I don't know the cost of this. Maybe your mother can get into a clinical trial where they pick up the costs. You can look into this on this site. For more info on what to expect, Johns Hopkins has a pancreatic cancer site that is great.

Len was diagnosed early. His tumor was removed, and it didn't spread. The chemo/radiation is adjuvant therapy which, hopefully, will keep the cancer from returning.

Nancy J

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