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Avastin in Ontario, Canada

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I saw this on another message board I frequent. If you are in Ontario this is really important! Time to be an advocate!

LN posted:

Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin has launched an investigation into the provincial Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's funding of Avastin, a drug for colon cancer patients. The province's funding of Avastin is limited to 16 two-week cycles, regardless of patient response to the treatment. The Ombudsman is investigating whether the Ministry's decision to limit funding in this way was informed and reasonable.

The investigation will be conducted by the Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT), the group of investigators responsible for major systemic investigations, such as the Ombudsman's recent probes into the lottery system, property taxation, newborn screening and the Special Investigations Unit.

SORT will conduct interviews with affected parties and review Ministry documentation relevant to the decision. Anyone with information relevant to the investigation may call the Ombudsman's complaint line at 1-800-263-1830.

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On the Web: www.ombudsman.on.ca

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