Any experience with Taxotere?

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Does anybody have any experience with taxotere? My dad just receieved this for the 1st time on Tues. after tarceva was unsuccessful AND carbo/avastin/alimpta was not successful. He seems to be holding up pretty well but he has only had 1 treatment. Just a little nausea.

His primary cancer is his lung only it is not a tumor it is fluid. He has mets to his bones and now it has spread to his abdominal wall. My dad has been in very good spirits throughout all of this but we have been seeing those spirits diminishing a little. It seems when they seem to have a handle on his primary cancer it spreads somewhere else. It is very frustrating and SCARY! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


  • Ellen Arlington
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    Sorry your Dad is having such a hard time. It's good that they have so many options because different cancers respond differently to the drugs. I had the taxotere and carbo last summer--lost my hair (hair is so over rated), hated the steroids, but it wasn't too terrible. It didn't work well for me--neither did the cisplatin/etopocide/radiation that came next. (But nothing grew or spread with them either.) The radiation was the worst part of the treatment as far as side effects. I'm trying Avastin Alimta now which seems to be working. If it doesn't I'll try something else. I won't watch and wait again...