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skin irriation with ileostomy

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so I have had a ileostomy for 12 days now. I have alot of skin irritation under the tape part, not the barrier but the tape part that sticks to the skin. Feels like my skin is tearing at times, it is so uncomfortable. Also, I was wondering about the different kind of pouches, I have the one piece system with the clip on the bottom,anyone out there try different ones and what do you think works better. I was rarely given any info at the hospital, other than how to change it and put another one on. Getting frustrated. Please offer any info you can. Thanks..

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...a colostomy, which I know isn't the same as an ileostomy, so I'm not sure if you are able to use barrier wipes before adhesing, these seem to help my skin not get irritated, and I use adhesive remover alcohol wipes to remove from the skin, so you're not pulling on it, so I'm not sure if maybe these wipes would help your skin as well.

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I had my ileo for a year. Skin irritation was the worst. If my skin wasn't irrititated, life was good. If it was - life was pure, well, you know what I mean.

Once during my year with the ileo I had skin problems and went to see my ostomy nurse. If you don't have a GOOD ostomy nurse, find one. They are worth their weight in gold. She helped trouble shoot my problem - which was two fold. I needed a "convex" type pouch and I was cutting my opening about 1/8" to big, so poo was leaking onto my skin. She gave me several samples of pouches to take home and try and also contacted two different manufacturers on my behalf and had them send me additional samples (free) to try out. Pretty much all the manufacturers will send you samples to try. You can order them direct or go through your supplier - both have very good reps to help answer your questions and pick out what supplies might work for you.

I found that I preferred the velcro type closure at the bottom vs. the clip. It just seemed easier for me to manage. I also preferred the beige colored pouches vs. the clear ones. At first I liked the clear ones because I wanted to know what was going on (or coming out I should say); but after awhile I felt pretty comfortable with my system, so I didn't want to see it anymore. I always used a one piece pouch and was happy with that system; some people prefer the two piece systems.

Another valuable resource - if you haven't checked out the United Ostomy Associates of America chat group/web-site, go there now!!! Their address is http://www.uoaa.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=25
There are lots of kind, knoweldgable, caring people there who can offer you tons of information and advice. It is a wonderful group. I learned so much there.

Unless you figure out what is causing the skin irritation it is not likely to improve and will probably get worse. So please try to find a local ostomy nurse - you might check with your surgeon for starters. I ended up seeing an ostomy nurse at a hospital that was 45 minutes from my house; not the one that I had my surgery at, because my surgeon felt the nurses there did a better job - she was right! It may take a little work to find one - but a good ostomy nurse will make your life so much easier.

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When I had my ileostomy some tapes made me itch. I used the convatec appliance and bags. The bags had velcro at the bottom. They worked really well for me. On the site uoaa.org they talk about a certain kind of tape that is good. This site is good. Also the Ostomy Book might be helpful to you.

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Hello! I had a miserable time with itching and skin irritation as well. The tape part was worse than anything. The barrier wands helped somewhat with that, and kept the irritation down from removal of the wafer. I never did find anything to stop the itch, and suffered with it for 15 months. Unlike Tiny, i didn't like my ostomy nurse, and didn't want to go through finding another one. I have heard others on this board recommend zinc oxide for the itch, but i don't know how well that will work with the adhesive.

Much luck with it!

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