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what to expect w/ biopsy "surgery"??

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As mentioned in my previous posts I will be meeting w/ an ocologic orthopedic surgeoen to discuss removal of my tumor for biopsy. Additionally, it's starting to cause pain in my arm.

I've been told they will remove the entire tumor and surrounding healthy tissue.

Is this typically an outpatient/in patient procedure for this kind of biopsy? Is it likely that a large part of the area in which the tumor is located will be removed? It's located just below my elbow. I have a lot of questions for the surgeon and another week to wait until meeting with him. I'd appreciate any insight. Thank you!

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Until recently, i had liposarcoma in my neck. Typically, Sarcomas like to extend out so they remove the tumor and the surrounding tissue in an effort to remove all traces of it. in my case this was my second surgery. the first was to remove the tumor itself before we knew it was liposarcoma, the second was the resection of the surrounding tissue which was a success according to my oncologist. My oncologist was a head a neck specialist who was highly recommended. From what i hear normally these sugeries are outpatient, but in my case because it was in my neck i had to spend a few days in the hospital. Part of the tissue that was removed was muscle, i am not sure how that will work in the later weeks but for know i do have muscle pain but i am still in recovery. I will have to go through 6 weeks of x-ray therapy, 5 days a week. I hear Chemo does nothing for this type of cancer.

Attitude is everything, if navigate through ACS you can see there area lotof people who have made it through. Another good resource is acor.org

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