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Eye Cancer/choroidal melanoma

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I was diagnosed a week ago. So far, (still waiting for tests) the tumor has not metastisized elsewhere. Anyone else with eye cancer?

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we found out yesterday that my husband has the same cancer. it hit us real hard. we dont know what to do

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I was diagnosed 12/30/08, treated with plaque radiation, and I'm now in the odd netherworld of post-treatment. There are a gazillion resources out there, and a gazillion at two opinions and false leads. The COMS study is the biggest for our particular cancer, and the best explanation of the data I've found is at:



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Kerri Lynn
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even though i did not have the same cancer as you, i know the feeling of what your going through. i was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina) when i was 11 months old an after receiving 24 treatments of radiation an 2yrs of chemo..i ended up losing my right eye. its very rough at times with the constant surgeries an check-ups but trust me i know what your dealing with. i hope all the best for ya an i always have an open ear so feel free to write anytime. god bless :)

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i just joined so a little behine on reading this stuff. i had eye cancer. a tumor in my right eye, diagnosed in february of 2009 and underwent brachytherapy in march 2009 to treat it. the tumor is almost gone and so is my sight and so is the cancer! but now i have to go through injections to treat macular degeneration. the radation did damage to my good blood vessels. i am only 28 and sometimes i wish they just would have taken my eye out. it is trying at times going to the doctor all the time of this or that. but i keep going for my kids and my fiance. thank you for listening.

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