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Financial assistance while going thru cancer treatment

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In 2006 I had liver cancer with was mastastic from my colon in 2005. As a direct result of surgery and treatment I was out of work an missed a few mortage payments and now they are trying to take my home. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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It is stressful enough that you have to go through this and losing your home has to be an even more enormous weight to bare. Have you looked into your local Cancer Resource book on online yet? Try this link: http://usgovinfo.about.com/library/weekly/aa061800a.htm

Also, reach out to local and adjoining city churches. Write, call, snall mail, post card, email, or show up on their doorsteps. Don't be afraid to call pastors/clery and tell them what you need. The Lord says: You have not, because you ask not...

So, ask the Lord for direction and courage and then go out there. Whatever happens, don't let your spirit get low. You need to keep your faith. I've been in a homeless shelter and I never lost faith that the Lord would bring me out of that. I'm fighting for my life now with met liver cancer, but I'm holding on and fighting strong.

Read the book of Job and Daniel (the 3 Hebrew boys thrown in the fiery furnace) and you'll see that the Lord will deliver you one way or another. Pray for others as often as you can and your blessings will flow.

Please, please, please, don't let the cares of this world break you... Ellen Elaine

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