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Does this sound right?

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fighting for mom
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My mom only has 2 chemo rounds left to go!!! Her last treatment will be July 7th. Her oncologist said Tuesday that she would not have a follow up colonoscopy or total body scan until November.

So- my guess is that they wait to give the body time to 'recover' from chemo? And if anything should happen to be left in there it would show up?

I was just suprised they were going to wait almost 4 months. What time frame did you guys have? Does this sound right or should we try to get it pushed up?

Thanks for the info.

BTW- our county relay for life raised $37,000! Isn't that amazing! I will be going up to Omaha this weekend to walk with my Mom in another relay. I am so glad she is going- at first she didn't think she would. I am SO proud of her and all of you who continue to fight this beast!


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I had my surgery in April and I have Chemo until November and I was told after that I would have a colonoscopy. I was told about 6 months, so that would bring me to about 7 months.

Hope this helps, good luck with the walk and your Mom's fight.


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I was DX with Stage II Colon Cancer and finished my treatments and surgeries by Feb 07. I had CT Scans every 3 months for 2007 and then 4-6 months for 2008 and twice yearly in 2009.

Colonoscopies: Had one before my colon resection in Feb 07 and then another one in Nov 08. I will have another in Nov 09 and depending upon the results will either have these yearly, for peace of mind, or every 2-3 years.

Your treatment plan after surgeries and chemo all depends on what type of cancer and the stage and of course your doctors.

I was blessed with WONDERFUL, CARING doctors.

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I am about to have my last chemo round next week (June 15-19). My next scan is scheduled for November (I had one in April, so that is 6 months), but my colonoscopy is in July. It was supposed to be 4 months after surgery, or early June, but everyone agreed I had to finish chemo first.

Did you ask the doctor your questions? He/she may have a ready answer for you.

Good for your Relay total! Ours is Friday, June 19th, my last day of chemo. I will attend, even if it's in a wheelchair!

Hugs, Vicki

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I finished chemo in September 2008; had my first follow up colonoscopy in November 2008; about 2 months after finishing chemo. I should add though, that at the time I still had my loop ileostomy (which was reversed the day after my first follow up colonoscopy). The surgeon couldn't get the scope all the way through my colon due to "poop stuff" stuck up there. I couldn't do a "normal" bowel prep because of my ileo. Soooo....the surgeon said "when I was ready" I needed to come back for a full colonoscopy. Well of course I'd never "be ready" so at my next oncologist follow up appointment I told him about it and he said "NOW". So I went back in February for another colonoscopy. Good thing too - they found 1 small flat polyp near the very end of my colon - where the surgeon couldn't access at the scope in November. It wasn't cancerous, but she said it was a good thing they found it and got it out of there. She said I could come back in either one or two years for my next scope - I vote for one. Paranoid? You betcha. Maybe if I can go a full year with a clear scope behind me I'll opt for a two year follow up.

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fighting for mom
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My mom was stage 3 by surgeon and stage 2 by oncologist. Go figure! Had resection right before last Thanksgiving and will finish chemo early July. It just seems that November is a long time to wait. It makes me so nervous- of course I know it gives her more peace of mind to wait and not rush to find out the news. I would almost rather she just get it done with and find out.

Thanks for the replies!


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This is just my opinion and it's worth what you're paying for it! LOL I was originally diagnosed stage III, had resection, 6 months of folfox and a colostomy takedown. My onc at the time wanted to wait 6 months for a scan. I went to my genetic onc and asked her to do follow up with me and my first CEA (2 months later) was up (only 3.5) so she did a PET. Liver mets. My current onc (best, most experienced, most specialized) says I progressed on folfox. He was out on leave for a couple months and I saw a new onc who says we'll never know if I progressed on folfox and I should try it again. Then if I progress again I'll know. Do we know? Did I progress because I wasn't on chemo for a couple months or because folfox doesn't work for me? Depends who you ask but it makes me crazy. I would ask for a scan sooner, but I'm not sure how insurance feels about that.

Good Luck,


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Nana b
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My 12th chemo will be end of August and my scan will be done in September. My ONC wants a scan done right away so he can have a look at what chemo knocked off or kept out and he can then see if any growth occures after the last chemo treatment. I would ask why so long of a wait.

Best of everything to you and your Mom.

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