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Help me to have a strenght.

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thank god i found this site. im still not a survivor. im a cervical cancer stage4. and im stii undergo chemotherapy and next radiations. now i feel so confident. coz i found this site.god bless.

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You are a survivor! As long as you are still breathing you are a survivor. If you are interested, I belong to an online support group for gynecological cancers - Women Conquering Cancer. The website is womenconqueringcancer.org. You may want to check it out. Good luck and hang in there!

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I am thankful I got to read your post. I am going to church and when prayer requests come up I am going to ask for prayer for you and also for all women going through this awful disease ,, our church has a wonderful prayer ministry and we have seen many great things happen .. God bless you and stay strong !!!!

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You are a beautiful young woman Kathy. Keep fighting and never give up, you will be in my prayers.

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Hi Kathy!
Are You duing ok?

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Hi Kathy ,my name is Della and I have been fighting cervical cancer since 2006. i have been through the radical hystorectomy, the radiation and a lot of chemo. It has now metasticized to my lungs and I am back on chemo th keep the tumors shrunk.I am a fighter and a survivor because I am still alive and am trying everthing to stay alive. I believe my belief in God gives me a peace of mind and takes me out of the strss zone. keep on thinking positive and wishing the cancer away.u go girl!!!

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