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newly diagnosed with fibrosarcoma

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Hi everybody, I have been diagnosed with a form of sarcoma called fibrosarcoma located in my right palm (yes,I'm right-handed). I just finished my first week of 6 weeks of radiation therapy. I have a strong faith in God, so that helps me tremendously. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or anything else I may need to know about my treatment and aftermath. Thanks and remember there is always hope!

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I had a tumor in my chest in 2002. It was attached to the plura of my right lung. After removal it was dianosed as a fibrosarcoma. In June of 2009 it reoccured. Surgery removed 8 tumors, both small and medium around my lung. They were all encapsulated. I have had no followup treatment because the oncologists say there is nothing effective for the disease.

I was wondering why they did radiation first on you. Did they give you reasons?

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Hi bigdawg32
How are you going now? after going to 3 docors about a lump on my forearm and being told not to worry about it, I eventually found a doctor who listened to me and sent me for an ultrasound etc. Cutting a long story short, after 2 surgeries, I was diagnosed with a high grade myxofibrosarcoma. I have had 33 sessions of radiation and tresatment is now complete. My CT scan prior to radiation showed no spread. The tumour was under 5 cms. I am hoping it doesn't come back nor spread. I have to have CT scans 6 monthly from now on. I will feel better after the first CT scan is done and I see that it has not returned or spread. How are you going now??I am trying to get back into normal routine by going to the gym and I need to start losing weight. I put on quite a few kilos from comfort food and I want to get back to looking fit again.


suzie sunshine
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Hi Chez

I had similar results when I discovered a pea-sized lump on my leg in the Spring of 2009. The Dr told me that it was a harmless lypoma. After two operations it was finally removed in January 2010 after being diagnosed as myxofibrosarcoma. I am currently undergoing radiation treatments. Twenty-four more treatments to go. I wish you well.

suzie sunshine

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Hi Susie and all,

Just wondering if anyone with a myxofibrosarcoma diagnosis ever had MFH also mentioned as a diagnosis. For me, one consulting service described the lesion as myxo but the pathologist at the institution I actually had the surgery at told me he couldn't find any smooth muscle actin in the lesion and so was just going with MFH which doesn't seem to mean anything.

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