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dysorgasmia and need for inguinal hernia

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Hi, my name is Mike and I had radical prostatectomy 5 1/2 years ago and I have had incontinence and impotence since the surgery. I am dealing with this. But I have also had dysorgasmia (painful ejaculation) and the need for bilateral inguinal hernia surgery (I have had one side done and still need the hernia on the left side done). Has anyone else had these complications? None of this is listed in any literature before I had the prostate surgery and I am wondering why. I have found several studies that say - that these are complications from the prostate surgery but can't understand why doctors don't talk about this upfront. Just curious.

Thanks Mike

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I've never heard of this nor discussed it with my doc or vis-a-versa. I'm curious what do you ejaculate? I have small dry thrills but that's all.
I'm assuming you didn't have DaVinci with that time line so maybe its tied to the surgery type. Ask you doc why he didn't tell you. jj

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Hi Shipjim!!!

I had a radical prostatectomy (open versus laproscopic or davinci). The ejaculation goes inside and comes out when I urinate. My urologist was also my surgeon and I have since switched doctors. I found about five studies discussing the dysorgasmia and need for hernias and they said that these complications are usually never discussed by urologist but that they should be.

Have a great day!!! Mike

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