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3 years NED!

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Hello Everyone

I don't post very often but do try to read your posts everyday. My husband was diagnosed Jan. 06 with stage 3 rectal cancer 10 out of 28 nodes positive. We thought our lifes would never be the same. Yesterday we got the results of his 6 month followup pet scan and sigmoidoscopy. 3 years NED! My prayers are being answered. Hope this helps!


Fight for my love
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This is a very good news!Congratulations!I registered here for my husband too,I hope I can post the same message in 2012!Thanks a lot for your message,good luck to you and your family!

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I pray for NED all the time, I'm not ready to leave my kids and hubby yet, thanks for this very hopeful post~


Julie 44
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What a great feeling to be NED...Please do something special to celebrate because you both deserve it...Enjoy your life and leave the past in the past.....

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That is awesome news. That is so great that he is NED and that posted that great information on this board. That gives all of us hope and inspiration that things can get better even like you said your life would never be the same. Yippeee for you that now you can say yup it is the same but some tests that have to make sure he is still NED.

Great news!


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What a wonderful milestone! Congratulations!


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I am awaiting my PET scan and praying for the same results. I want MR. NED back in my life, I have missed him....

That is great news...God Bless ya


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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news. Gives us all hope.

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