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Herbal alternatives for dad with gleason score 7 and PSA 14.8

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Seeking anyone who is trying alternative herbal/accupuncture for Prostate Cancer. My dad was receiving care from a very negligent doc whom passed away from his own negligence to himself. Now I am dealing with dad having Prostate Cancer. He had 2/12 of his biopsy's come back with cancer and a PSA of 14.8 and a gleason score of 7. No one knows for how long there had been a problem. He has always seen a doc for care and we all assumed he was being checked for everything in his age category. He is 78 yrs old. We just received the news of him having this and have had a CT and Bone Scan to see if it has spread anywhere. It hasn't. Thank God.
We are very much willing to continue accupuncture and drink a 7 mushroom blend tincture and he is also drinking the Essiac Tea for Cancer patients. Throughout the day he also drinks a tea made from Red Root and Red Clover. I would like to talk to anyone who can relate. Thank you. Liz

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I waited a couple of days, but no one has answered your question, so I'll put in my 2 cents.

Your father is 78, so he would have a normal remaining life expectancy without PC (otherwise healthy US male) of about 8 years. That means that regardless of what you do, and given that there's no metastasis now, he's unlikely to die of PC (“If we don’t treat prostate cancer while it is still curable, the disease will take an average of ten to twelve years to metastasize and fifteen to seventeen years to cause death.” --Scardino & Kelman, p.110.)

So I would guess that you and he can do whatever is comfortable for him, provided the treatment itself causes no harm.

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Today we are to meet with the Uro again. I am just trying to help dad decide whether or not to do the Oncologist and Uro suggested treatment of 4 months of hormones along with radiation. Then hormones again after radiation for up to 2 yrs. His PC gleason is at 7 and the oncologist said to not wait any longer. He says that the cancer has been with dad for at least the past 5 years. He also explained that it was now treatable since it was still contained in the prostate. I just want what's best for dad with the most minimal side affects. Thanks for your reply

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The medicinal mushrooms are good...the medicinal mushrooms with AHCC are said to be better absorbed and digested because of their low molecular weight. Also green tea is good to change off to because of its effectiveness against cancer. Termeric is another good herb thats been studied for halting prostate cancer..
Medicinal mushrooms with AHCC link..

also the amazon herb, Graviola, when combined with other herbs has been documented to be effective against prostate cancer..

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Thank you for your reply. I have done nothing but research this PC. Yesterday I visited our local Cancer Society and also received a call from one of the men involved with the local support group. The uro and Radiation Oncologist's plan is for 4 months of hormone treatment and then begin radiation. The Uro suggested to continue the hormones after the 8 wks of radiation as well. Today we meet with the Uro again, I am assumming it's to talk about beginning the process.

hopeful and opt...
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I don't know enough to know if or if not the oncologist is giving good medical advice. I would get a second opinion.


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I didn't note where you live nor his general health. Ishik has valid points as do the others. If his health is great and you live near any metro area, check out the robot, if he's not great look at the alternatives your doc recommended. Often times at this age careful watching and waiting is all that's done so you have some treatments offered at least. the 2/12 and 7Gleason aren't too bad the 14.8 PSA is high. I was 1/12 and 6 gleason T2 forgot PSA but nothing like this. I had the surgery (58 yrs) and no issues other than light leaking.
I personally feel some action is better than none and I'm not a herbal fan. jj

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Please let me know what you did. My dad too is in a very similar situation. He is 78 yrs with gleason score of 4 and PSA of 14.8. I'm unsure what to do, leave it like that, or go for harmone & radiation thearapy which is painful. Doctor has ruled out prostrate removal as he is too old. I am worried. If left untreated, will have a guilt feeling that we did not do anything. Please share your experience. Appreciate it


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At age of 78 the majority of doctors recommend palliative treatments such as HT due to the factor that prostate cancer is a slow growing type of cancer in comparison with other cancers. (in terms of life expectancy; 4 times slower than breast cancer, 13 times slower than lung cancer, etc.)
The side effects from radical treatment also interfere with the quality of life of patients which makes it preferable to look for means of control rather than curing the cancer.
The aggressivity of the cancerous cells in your father case is crucial in the decision process too. You indicate that his Gleason SCORE is 4 which is in reality a very slow aggressive cancer. Gleason grade goes from 1 to 5 and the Gleason score goes from 2 to 10. This is the sum of the two prime types of cells composing the cancer. A Gleason score of 4 could only be 1+3=4 or 2+2=4 which is the lowest in aggressivity.
You can check about it here:


The meaning of palliative treatments and its diagnosis, including diet is well explained in this book;
Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy & Diet” by Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers

Wishing the best to your Dad.


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