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Weight loss

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I was diagnosed with MM last October 2008. I'm 57 years old, and just finishing my third course of Revlimid. My appetite is good, but I've lost a total of 14 lbs since my diagnosis.

I don't understand how the calories are being burned so quickly with a normal to larger caloric diet. I am working out using the cross trainer at the gym, and my body looks and feels like I've been starved for months. I can't hold any kind of muscle mass.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, and does anyone have suggestions for maintaining or adding weight?

thanks so much for any suggestions.


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Hi Pamacphil,
Welcome to CSN. I am also an MM patient, diagnosed in 2001. I have had several forms of treatment, but the only time I suffered weight loss was when I underwent chemo. Are you responding to the revlamid? What does your onc say about your weight loss. My onc told me to avoid strenuous exercises, so I just walk on tracks or on the treadmill. But this is something you should discuss with your onc. He/she may have some suggestions. Good luck!

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