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supplements and herbs

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I was just wondering if anyone has been warned by the doc not to take any specific supplements. I currently take a multi-vitamin, flax seed oil,echinacea and golden seed. All of which I cleared with the Onc. ahead of time. I've been reading about resveratrol which is supposed to contain the active ingredient in red wine that is good for your heart and cardiovascular system. Has anyone heard anything (good or bad) about this or any other supplements?

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I just posted two short and sweet articles on this subject.

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Be careful what you mix. that's not to say it's all bunk, but they are all chemicals and can interact in different ways

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I worked with my naturopath and internal medicine/anthroposophical doctor who had experience working with cancer patients. Plus I kept my oncologist informed. Sloan-Kettering has a good site on the interactions of herbals with chemo drugs.Also clinical trials is a good place to look up specifics e.g. L-glutamine can help mitigate the effects of neuropathy from oxaliplatin. Check with a experienced practitioner on dosage and when to not take while getting the chemo infusion.


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