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Tips for first rounds of doctor's appts after ending chemo

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Hello all

I'm heading to Salt Lake later this week and the Huntsman Cancer Institute for my first rounds of doctor's visits after ending chemo, meet with my GI surgeon for a rectal exam, meet with my medical oncologist who does my second opinions regarding monitoring etc. I'd love some practical tips on what to be sure to ask, and also it's daunting to go for tests even though I've been responding well to all my treatments. Any thoughts out there you all?


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Hi Leslie
I really have not been in that position but I would bring someone else with you who would act as note taker and a second set of ears. Make a list of anything that concerns you, what you should expect, how have others with your dx made out, what treatments did they do. Things like that. Hopefully others will pipe in. Good luck with the visit.

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