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Colostomy People....or Not....

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I know someone has mentioned this site here, it's for people with cancer who have had colostomies, and some who just want to add to the discussions, who are facing having it done, or just want to talk...but they have invited you all to their forum if you all need help with your colostomies, and lots of information to be found that other people can offer you who have had it for a long time. I just registered there as well, to get some tips on if I'm even changing it right, but hope to see you there as well to help others who may need it, and maybe Buzzard you can offer your new muffling system there when you invent it!


Go to the Discussion Boards for info and join in if you like :)


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Thanks, I actually think I am close to something...Im going to try it as soon as it gets done..Ya'll will be the first to know ....... :)

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