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It's been awhile; and I miss you guys...

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Dear Online Family,

It's me again, mary from WI, here to say "hi" and hope each and every one of you are safe, happy and doing well today and always!

And, long story short, my mom passed away from Stage IV colon cancer 9/17/07 where it eventually reached her brain. Thanks be to God; she passed as she had always wished to - at home, with her loved ones surrounding her and in her sleep.

So, what's my story...

Well, I am going in for my 1st colonoscopy next week Friday (trying to be preventative for my mom's sake). I am 39 yrs. old and quite honestly - I am scared to death that I am going to wake up and they are going to tell me I have colon cancer.

I have had hemmeroids in the past, they flared up after I had my son but haven't been a problem lately. I went and talked to a gastrointerologist this past week and she said getting this procedure done now was a good thing; since we are trying to have another baby as well.

So, what the heck is my problem here people? ha! ha! I mean, I know I'm doing the right thing here; so am I so freaked out about getting this procedure done?

Then, I start to read posts about "bad/painful/whatever" colonoscopy procedures and "forget about it" I get even more freaked out.

OKAY... I don't really know what I'm trying to say here accept for that I guess I'm just venting and wanting to say "hi" again to all of the people on this site who supported me sincerely for so long.

I'm officially off of my soap box and that's my story!

Mary from WI

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It's so nice to see you back here! I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, did she have cancer long? I know hearing you have cancer is a scary thing, so think positively, and if you ever do hear you have it, just breathe as they say here, and come right here for some comfort! we are all in this together, and you may be worrying about nothing! But, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers and hope your colonoscopy goes well!

When I had my colonoscopy, the prep was the worse of it, just drinking that nasty gallon of stuff, was bad...but it's just to clean you out, you will be on the potty for awhile, so maybe some word games, and magazines would be helpful in there LOL..you will be pooing till it's clear water come out of there, so to say, but then when you go for the colonoscopy itself, they put me in a "twilight" state, which I actually fell asleep... they gave me some great drugs, which knocked me out, I didn't feel a thing, and I woke right up, sat up and they gave me some ice chips to eat after in the recovery room, till I was able to get back to my hospital room. It was a piece of cake, very quick, and was very painless for me. I know some others who had nightmares with their colonoscopy, they weren't sedated enough or something, and they felt it, but make sure the doctor has you good and drugged up, and tell them not to touch you till you're out like a light!

I wish you luck in your exam, and don't worry about things that don't need any worrying about yet, you'll be in my prayers~


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Dear Donna,

Hello new friend! And I'm sure I can't even express enough "thank you" to you for your wonderful note to me.

Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to read and think about me.

I will definitely let everyone know how my scope on friday goes so...

Mary from WI

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Having a colonoscopy is not my favorite thing to do, but it's a necessary evil. Like Donna said, the prep is worse than the procedure. I've always fallen asleep. I remember being on the table, and my doctor said, "We're going to get you over on your left side." The next thing I knew (each time), I was in recovery. I know some people have had bad experiences, but I truly think those are very rare. It's great that you're doing yours now-way to be proactive!

I'm sorry about your mom, but I'm glad she was able to be at home.


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Dear Gail,

Thank you, as well, for your wonderful words of encouragement. I know that I am a complete "worry wort" and that as I can do is leave it in God's hands.

But I am SO-SO-SO glad I came back to talk with you and everyone else.

What an amazing group of people you all are!

Mary from WI

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Hi Mary,

Yeah, I guess I'd call a colonoscopy a neccessary evil. I can understand your trepidation in having one done, too. But, you definitely need to go through with having it done. I'm sure you'll get good results and will be relieved when it's all over.
I had no problem with actually having the colonoscopy when I had mine done. The sigmoidoscopy was another story because they normally do not give the sedation for a sigmoidoscopy like they do for the colonoscopy. I solved that problem the next time I needed a sigmoidoscopy- I just requested to get the sedation & there was no problem- they did it and it went fine. For me it was just a little bit uncomfortable- for most people I've heard about and for myself, the stuff they give you does the trick. It makes you so sleepy and out of it that you really don't register what they're doing as pain. It's kind of weird- it gives you somewhat of an amnesia experience, or at least it did to me. Make sure you have someone there with you for when the doctor comes in afterward. I had one after my radiation which was good news & I asked my mom "when is the doctor going to come in to talk to me?" She laughed and said "he just left and you already talked to him and asked him several questions. He told you everything was fine." So weird- I didn't remember it all at that time. About an hour later, bits of it started to come back into my memory.

I'm sure you'll be fine, but I'll be praying for you for things to come out smoothly (pun intended!) and for you to not be too anxious about it all.
God bless,

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Dear Ms. Lisa,

You are definitely one of these "fantastic people" - no doubt in my mind! ; )

Thanks to you, too, for your very comforting and kind words.

It's in the "big guys" hands and I know my mom is looking down and hopefully proud that I am doing this for her.

Mary from WI

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I have had 2 colonoscopies. I had no problems either time. They put me to sleep and I woke up rested and fine. You will be fine. No worries.

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I really appreciate you taking the time out to write yet additional comforting words to me.

I will definitely report back once my scope is done.

Have a great start of your week!

Mary from WI

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I am sorry about your Mom. I am glad she passed surrounded by her loves ones.

As others said, the actual colonoscopy is usually trouble free. You are in the twilight zone. The prep is worse than the procedure...Donna told it like it is. But you can do it. Ask your doctor for the latest prep routine...some docs are moving away from the nasty drink. I take pills, can't remember the name right now, then drink gallons of water and it works for me. Occasionally people wake up during the procedure and then it is painful. Talk to your doctor and tell him you are scared, and I'll bet he makes sure you don't wake up.

Good luck, and good for you for being proactive!

Many hugs, Vicki

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Hello Ms. Vicki,

And many, many, many thanks "to you as well" for writing to me and making me feel "much-much better" about this whole procedure.

I have a good doctor (just actually met her) and my first impression of her is really good so...

I will definitely let you and everyone else know how things go, k?

Take care of you!

Mary from WI

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Has it been that long??? I'm hugging you!

As far as the colonoscopy...well, of course you are nervous!!! This is not a disease that you can just shrug off...your mom is a testament to that...

BUT, you are acting in a VERY responsible way, and many, many times colonoscopies don't find anything...in fact, that is the norm, especially in a young gal like you!!! I have had, since December 2004 with my diagnosis, 5 full scopies, 2 flex sigmoidoscopies, and an ultrasound-guided scope of who's name I forget...SpongeBob's idea of a margarita based PhosphoSoda was my savior!!!

Breathe. Know that you are doing the right thing. My ONLY scope that had any discomfort was the first one, when my GI gal did a full scope, passing by my 2" tumor in my rectum for the whole scope. Funny thing was, I don't remember it at all. But SHE did...the hospital called security...I was pleading with her to stop...they were thinking patient abuse...she was SOOOOOO mad...teehee!

Please keep us posted, I am sending up healthy prayers...

Hugs, Kathi

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And hopefully "someday" I will be lucky enough to get your autograph! ha! ha!

I am being completely and totally serious! As well as I think that you are a true miracle, lady! ; )
I think back to when I was religiously coming to talk with all of you and read pretty much everything you ever wrote to anyone and...

WOW - tears are just running down my face as I write this to you right now, Kathi. You are the absolute inspiration to me and my family (since I've talked about you A LOT to my family and dearest friend) so...

Thank you - thank you- and thank you again for taking the time to write to me. I know I'm probably totally overreacting about this whole thing; but with my mom passing from colon cancer it just really hits seriously too close to home, ya know?

Anyway, I hope things are good with you and your family; and I will let everyone know how things go on friday, k?

Mary from WI

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Hi Mary
I have 8 scopes in the past 5 years and getting ready for Number 9 this summer. Have never been conscious for any of them. Just be assertive, do not let them start if you are awake and can feel anything, they are quite capable of making sure you do not have any discomfort during the procedure. I have learned to be very proactive and assertive with my health care through my cancer journey, I know what size needles work for me, and where they have the best chance of getting blood draws, if a nurse does not seem capable to me, I make them send for one who is good at doing draws with small/difficult veins, and so on. Good luck with your scope and wishing you the best of all possible results!

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Hi Ms. Pam,


First off, the title of your note made me completely laugh out loud - thanks for that! ; )

And I just really appreciate you writing to me, too.

I will let you all know how things go, k?

Mary from WI

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