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hormone therapy

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At what level psa does one start hormone therapy?
75 years old...operation 02-97...gleason 9...33 radation treatments 5-97 ,,, doubling time 7-8 months.... present psa-4.8 .....health excellent (other then psa rise)... no
health issues at all

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I would think that you would want to consult with your Dr since your PSA has gone up to the present 4.8. I am 54 and just recently diagnosed and have not had any treatments yet though biopsys confirmed the Cancer with Gleason 7. My most recent PSA is 5.1. My health is excellent also and have no symptons but the cancer is there. I'm meeting with a surgeon on Monday to finalize my treatment start date.

Good luck and let us know what your doctor thinks.

Larry (lewino)

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I would think a shot of lupron would be needed now... but I agree with Larry, consult with a Dr. If nothing else, I understand the lupron would give you time to find out the next step anyway. It is not a cure, but I was told that lupron would arrest the cancer for awhile.

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The level at which to begin hormone therapy is not as important as how fast the psa is rising. My psa is doubling about every 7 months now and if I chose to go to my urologist he would recommend another shot of Lupron. I have been dealing with a dianosis of a 50% chance to survive two years for 5.5 years. The only treatment I have chosen to take is one shot of Lupron, to shrink the prostate, and 40 radiation treatments. I refuse to let cancer be what defines my life and totally eliminated the stress from my life, THAT is why I am here. I will not take another shot of Lupron until golf season is complete and only then if I am convinced it will extend my life. Hormone therapy eventually does nothing to help and then the doctors will push you into chemo which may kill you or give you 4 to 6 months of a living hell. I watched my wife die after 2 years of intense treatments and there has to be an easier path. The side effects of Lupron are life changing. You will have no interest in sex and pretty much go through menopause. Everyone with cancer needs to make there own decisions and live with the outcomes that occur. Whatever you decide just be glad YOU made the decision and do not spend a moment worrying about whether it was right or wrong. There are many millions of people with much bigger problems than ours and by helping others we can help have a better future.

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You are exactly right..I am in contact with my urologist every 6 weeks.. ie: a psa every 6 weeks...but.. always a but... every Dr. has a different psa number to start hormone therapy..I have actually heard from different urologists .."don't let it get above 4"..."I would not start until 10"..." no one lives forever"..."ah.. somewhere between 6 and 8 "... " I get nervous around 8 ".. to... " wait until you get symptoms"..".
This is from 5 different urologists!

My urologist, for the last 11 years , says that we will make the decision together (on when to start Lupron).

I know that with this prostate cancer issue, every situation is different... maybe I just needed someone to talk to.

With much appreciation..

Thanks for the responses... keep them coming.

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