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Will be thinking of everyone tonight

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fighting for mom
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Well- I am walking tonight at the relay in Richmond, MO---for my Mom- cc- surviving the fight of this ugly beast; and, also for my grandfather- lung cancer- who lost his fight many years ago.

It is so strange that they were both diagnosed around the same time of Thanksgiving several years apart- but my grandfather's fight ended around Easter. My Mom is doing good and only 3 treatments left.

I want everyone to know I am thingking of all on this board today- especially tonight when the names start to be read. We may never actually meet- but I feel like I know many of you from reading posts.

I thank all of you for being so couragous and supportive to others! You have helped me so much with words of wisdom and encouragment when I needed them most.

Thank you!


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first of all from all of us thank you for walking the relay tonight I also went didnt get much involved this time it is awesome, I went to the one in Dover Ohio, I am glad
your mom is doing good I have a son who is 16 he tries to hide his feelings from me but I can only imagine how he feels I truly believe it is harder on the family sometimes then the survivor,

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2 of my sisters live in Dover! I graduated from New Philadelphia HS. My Mom and 2 more sisters live in Phila still. I will be visiting back there the week of Oct 21-25. Maybe I could meet you then....


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I know it's going to be an emotional experience for you. Write again and let us know ow it went!


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Have a beautiful night. It is so good to get out and walk for the cure. This July we will have our relay and as you know, it has new meaning when you're now in this fight for yourself or someone you love.
Will be thinking of you.

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thank you for walking the relay,I hope your mother continues to be a survivor for along time to come,and wish her many happy birthdays.THANK YOU

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That's so great you walked the relay, I hope I get more energy one day to also do it one year! I get so wiped from the chemo, I get scared thinking I won't even make it a block! How did it go? Thank you for participating, one of these days, I will definitely be doing it as well!


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fighting for mom
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Well- I must say I had never been to a relay for life. It was such a touching evening! I thought of everyone as I was walking my laps. Thinking of all the battles currently going on.

There were almost 1,000 luminares around the football field and it was a humbling and heartwrenching ceremony. In front of the grandstand the word HOPE was illuminated as all the other luminares shone bright. My 6 year old son said it so well "This is SO beautiful!" And indeed it was!

There were tears of sadness while thinking of all those who have lost the fight, those who are fighting the good fight but have had so many trials along the way; happy tears for all those who are still fighting and surviving.

It was such a vivid picture of the great needs still out there for research to overcome cancer. It was also very encouraging to have the message of HOPE- that is what everyone here on this board encourages so well.

Thinking of you all-----Susan

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Yes, thank you for walking in the relay. I had thought of participating in my local one, but I guess I'm currently of the mindset of not wanting to have so much focus on my cancer, so I just decided to not do it after all. I know it's a good thing, and maybe I'll participate next year. I've been told it's quite an emotional experience to be there.

God bless,

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I grew up in Odessa, so I know where Richmond is. Been there several times. We live in Lee's Summit now.

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