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Second Chemo Done

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Yesterday got disconnected from second chemo treatment. This time the cold sensitivity lasted in my throat almost 3 days instead of one hour and the cold sensitivity to my hands is still there as of last night. I was holding a glass of cold water and almost dropped it. It felt like pins shooting through my fingers and hands. I've gotten out my mittens to go into the refrigerator. Can't pick up things in the grocery store freezer isle or produce isle either.

Haven't gotten sick and feel pretty good except I feel whipped. I only slept about 2 1/2 hours Tuesday, 4 hours Wednesday, and about 4 hours last night. I hate these steroids as they are making me edgy and sleepless. Even taking a sleeping pill won't keep me asleep. Nurse told me that I probably wouldn't be sleeping good for the first four nights each treatment session. I get two days worth of steroids.

I can look at it as I have one month down since I have done two treatments and they are two weeks apart. I know I only started on the 19th of May, but I look at it as one month, it sounds like more :)

Feel tired this morning and not much energy. I'm not sure if it is such a lack of sleep or the chemo. But I definitely don't feel like accomplishing much. Wish I did, because it is such a beautiful day outside. I hate feeling punky like this because it just isn't like me. I'm going to take my shower and force myself to do something fun today :)

Hugs! Kim

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I feel the same way once I get disconnected, you will feel wiped out maybe the next few days after more so, but don't worry, it is the chemo, and you will bounce back in a couple days. Just lay in bed, watch some T.V., I even have one of my kids play some cards with me in bed, to take my mind off it, some poker or black jack, a board game like Monopoly and Scrabble is something we all play together as well while my energy builds up. When I go for chemo every other Wednesday, I get unhooked on Fridays, but by Monday or Tuesday, I feel like myself again. You'll actually get used to it, it gets annoying, but even doing some leg exercises in bed helps me, I am always afraid of blood clots if I don't move enough, and sometimes that chemo kicked my butt where all I could do is lay there, and I found myself doing leg circles, and bends, arms as well, just to keep the blood flowing :)

I look at myself in the mirror while doing this at times, and look like a rag doll that's been run over by a truck, trying to move! lol...Just take it easy, and don't push yourself!


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I feel like I am some weak 90 year old women with a bad back and feet.
Thank God my husband is understanding and my 5 year old keeps telling me 'you will feel better soon mommy...that's what the medicine does'.

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What a sweet comment from your little one. It is amazing the faith and common sense they have. We let so many other things cloud our thoughts.Their hearts and words are just sweet, innocent and full of love. I think she/he has great wisdom.


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Kids are wonderful...so innocent. My 4 year old grandson keeps me sane. He was with me one day when I had radiation (his Mom drives me to my appts) He's always saying 'profound' things, but this day he just stared at the Radiation doctor and said "Are you making Gama better?" She said she was trying to and he replied "Well try harder, OK?" Outta the mouths of babes! Of course, he's also the one who told me my fuzzy new hair growth looks like a Chia pet!

Many hugs, Vicki

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That right there is what makes us fight this fight!!!

tiny one
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For me the sensitivity to drinking cold beverages would last about 5 days. As soon as it would wear off it was eat ice cream, have milk shakes. Just take it easy, there will be good days. I used to count down after each treatment, one less to go, that much closer to being done. Some days I would feel like getting quite a bit done, others I would have to rest more. If your body says rest do it.

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Can't be the Macho Mom anymore....ya gotta rest on this stuff...It zaps you. I am still very weak as far as strength after these treatments...I have no energy but I still do everything I want...I can't run right now because my legs say"WHOA" and they just won't go anymore...Don't know why , they just won't... My feet tingle still as my fingertips....BUT, The milkshake I had after all these treatments were done and I was able to eat and drink cold stuff(about 3 weeks post chemo) was worth all the crap I went through to have..
I usually gave in to the fact that for 3-5 days it was gonna be crappy and I worked my schedule around it...after the 5 crappy days though I made up for it and played like a maniac until the next treatment time...It actually went by quick and so will yours...Honestly I don't think about cancer near as much as I use to...I am leading as near a normal life as I was before...Every once in a while my fatigue sets in and reminds me why Im tired, but all in all my life is back to "Semi" normal.........I wish this feeling for everyone...... :)

and Im still working on a muffler system..........

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HI Kim
I just seen this and sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
E-mail me and let me know how you are doing if I don't get an e-mail
from you I will e-mail you take care and get some rest. qwe

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I got used to the fact that as soon as the pump came out it was "crash and burn" for 1-3 days. As a matter of fact, I did cleaning and sorting things while I was attached, since the steroids made me feel like super woman! Nick always asked when I was going to paint the garage! When the pum came out at noon on thursdays, I was crashed by 5pm - just like the rag doll Donna mentioned, I layed in bed all thursday night, would drag myself out of bed friday morning for work (although I took a few fridays off even). Then, just as Buzzard said, for the next week I was fine and played like a maniac! I also made sure that the Monday before the next treatment I ate a good dinner (used to make Nick get me Outback or Red Lobster).

You'll be fine girl - oh, and like others, I counted backwards (2 down 10 to go).


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