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My turn, NED!

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Yesterday I had a long session with my doctor. We laid out the plan for the LAST chemo week, starting June 15. We will continue the 30% reduction of the 5FU as I seemed to tolerate that better last month, compared to the April session that tried to kill me! Then we talked about my future...doesn't that sound wonderful? I have a future! He said I have kicked a$$ on cancer and that there is a 95% chance of it never returning. Basically, he said I am NED.

I am far from finished, still have chemo, etc, and he said it will be at least a year until I feel "normal" again. But he also said that I do not need another CT or Pet scan until OCTOBER (I just had one)and that as far as he is concerned, I can stop all the extraneous meds after the chemo is finished. I CAN HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!!! I told him we were planning an RV vacation at the end of July, and he said "Go for it...have fun." I still have bathroom issues, but being in the RV...I have my rolling bathroom with me!

He also said that the cancer center is starting a new program called "The 7 Ways to Healing" or something like that. He said it would benefit me to take the course and learn how to move forward, as well as deal with all the emotions - guilt, depression, worry, etc. It starts this summer sometime and I will do it.

I am so thankful for this board and all of you. I know my journey has been shorter than most (8 months since I was DX'd) but it was a hard 8 months and you all were here for me every step of the way.

OK...who's the next NED? Buzzard?

Many Hugs, Vicki

tiny one
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I'm so glad to hear your good news. The program will be a big help to you. It was hard after my treatment was done, I wasn't prepared for that. It had to do with how much discomfort I had from my reversal and some days I still do. 8 months is still a hard road to go. I to as soon as there was a break in chemo took a trip. I'm glad I did. Just make sure to take all of your meds with you, you'll never know when you might need them.

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Vicki, I have tears of joy right now reading your post, as it has given me so much to hope for, 8 months is still a rough road, heck, 1 treatment of chemo is tough! I am so happy that you taking a nice vacation, and so happy you are NED! everytime I feel hopeless, I come here just to read all your posts, and Buzz's, and others just to have them bring me up again, I hope it never ever comes back, and to not have a scan till October? what a treat!

I wish you good luck and much happiness in your new normal, you will still always be in my thoughts and prayers as well, as everyone on here is, and look forward to hearing how you been NED for years to come, to give us all inspiration!

Many hugsssss to you!

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That is great news, Good Idea about the class, have a wonderful vacation


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Congrats on your great story of success. It must feel great to have those NED conversations with the doctors.

Best Wishes,


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Nana b
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That is just awesome!

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I am so excited for you! When I joined this site in Dec 08, yours was one of the first posts I read. What a great feeling to be where you are! You have to keep checking in and motivating all of us through chemo though. I just started Tuesday, 8 rounds and I feel like it will take forever. Go celebrate and live your life for you now!!



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Linda, and everyone, it feels good to share my great news with you guys. I will still be around a long time. And I always have an opinion! LOL! Linda, you can do this. Before you know it, you will be on the other side, and playing with those kids.

I celebrated by booking myself and my friend Kit (who is my Managing Editor for the magazine) to an Art Quilt retreat at Lake Tahoe in November. It's horribly expensive, but so what? It's my treat to myself! I have something to look forward to...


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NED is the damn best dance partner ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh wow congratulations on your wonderful news. You have been doing so well and this news is just great. Good for you on taking that much deserved RV vacation. I know you will have a wonderful time. Aren't RV people just great!

Enjoy being NED and no scans until October - yipeee!

Hugs! Kim

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Congratulations of your great news and on getting your life back.

Savour your day!


P.S. I hope you will share with us the lessons you learn in "The Seven Ways of Healing" class.

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I guess it's actually called '7 Steps to Healing'...chemo brain. He said it is interactive, with workbooks etc. I am looking forward to it. They tested it at the Boulder facility and it was very well received.

Just remember everyone, Love Heals! Vicki

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Don't know what to say but wishing I could just bear hug ya right now.....This sure brings a new light to everything doesn't it..First of all congratulations on being another Warrior and also for being there for everyone else while you were struggling as well...You did it, stand tall, and most of all enjoy your new life...I have my first checkup and blood tests the last day of the month...I am NED until someone tells me im not, thats just the way Im living my life...My Dr did give me a great prognosis on dying an old man (Im already an old man so that didn't bode well with me...LOL)...but this is about you, and I am so proud of the way you trudged through and came out on top...as anyone who has or is traveling this path, the road is a very tough one, health wise, physically, and especially emotionally and anyone who travels this journey is a winner in my book....You have made the Big Stride in treatment and recovery...Bathe in the victory and savor every moment, for now you know how precious they can really be..........We all Love you...........Clift

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Congratulations. I couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy every bit of life!!!


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Happy to hear you are doing well; time to CELEBRATE!


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Great news, Vicki! Congrats!!

Time to order that bowling shirt!

- SB

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I am so glad to see your NED bout time enjoy your life now


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Ah, so nice to read your fantastic news. Good job kicking cancer's butt - you know you can do anything now! Enjoy that summer vacation and celebrate your victory and good health. Many blessings to you for good health and a long happy lifetime lived cancer free. You did it!

Big hugs....Katie

P. S. Sorry you can't make it to Colon Palooza 7 this Fall, but perhaps next year for Colon Palooza 8 (I would love to meet you!) - we will be sure to lift a Pina Colada or some other fruity frothy drink with umbrellas in it in your honor!

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Awesome!!! That's just wonderful news!


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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! You have been a brave warrior and you are NED!! Enjoy!

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First, great news about your cancer! So glad to hear about it. Second, I can't quite tell, but is that a quilt image? I have seen pretty much that same image in Creede, Colorado somewhere. Let me know.

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Yes, it is a quilt my dear friend Kit Robinson made for me. I took a picture last fall (before DX) of a stand of Aspens in their full glory near Estes Park, CO. You will see this same scene all over the Rockies in Sept. Kit added Long's Peak (on of the 14ers that I can see from my home, albeit from a distance!) and a stream in front. She titled the quilt "Making A Stand" and the label says "For Vicki, who is making her stand with courage and humor." The quilt was featured in the Denver Int'l Quilt Festival, whose them this year was "High Hopes"

If you click on the avatar, then go to my picture page and click on the picture there, you can see it better.

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Yea! Naked happy dance!!!!

Now all that's left is living life!!

Hugs, Kathi

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congratulations,you are getting your life back.best wishes

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That's great news Vicki!

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Blessings on this terrific news!

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congratulations on your wonderful news!!!! enjoy your trip!!

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What more can I say but congratulations on being NED! Start living your life and enjoy every day to the fullest.:-)

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great news!!
a time to celebrate.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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Hi Vicki,
Great news; ain't NED just grand? My chemo was completed in July of '04, and the annual camping vacation on the lake in Maine that August brought tears of gratitude to my eyes with each day. Enjoy your time away. Recovery did take about a year; I was discouraged at times that I did not just bounce back, but being in my mid 50's at the time may have slowed me down a bit. (Although I was in my best shape ever at diagnosis!) The program sounds like a great idea.
LOVE the quilt; and you're right to plan things that give you joy.
Small world dept: this summer, my son will be working in the back country of the Rockies, we think in Estes Park. Part of my 5 YEAR celebration will be a trip out there to see him and Colorado, where we've never been; we can't wait!
All the best,

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Vicki, Great news. Take that vacation and live your life. I can tell you recovering from chemo takes time. One month out and my Neuropathy is still an issue, but I feel better than the best times on chemo. Enjoy your travels. You deserve it;


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So happy for you. Celebrate and enjot the rest of your LOOOONG life.


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Hi Vicki,

Sorry I'm late on the reply- I'm just seeing your post.
I'm sooo happy for you! What wonderful news to hear!
Yes- LIFE does go on!!!!!

Blessings to you,

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I just finised 11 months Chemo they tell me NED you go girl

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Congrats, get out there and enjoy life..

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