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A Great Colonoscopy....Believe That?

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Just wanted to share a good colonoscopy experience with you....
unbelievable that I am writing this but my fourth one was
the easiest ever. The few changes that I think were
responsible: I could eat breakfast the day before the
test for the first time so I had cereal with a little milk
and a blueberry muffin.....then for the first time I could
drink either Ensure or Slim Fast, the milk free variety and
I had two cans of that and they told me to use Miralax which
seemed easier than other laxatives......anyway, I was actually
able to stand at the counter while they checked me in at the
clinic without feeling like my legs were going to melt out
from under me and they didn't have to give me an IV to
rehydrate me.....one of the nurses said she thinks it is
the Slim Fast I drank which has protein in it (can drink
chocolate or vanilla)that made the difference. Another
nurse said she thought it was the Miralax which is being
used instead of a previous one....anyway something
made it much better and the doc found no problems at
all and I didn't feel a thing....I was a Winner all the
way through....what a great feeling.

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I will be having my first in a couple of months I hope mine goes smooth with the prep..


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When all you have is a choice between a repeat exam (if you are not 'clean'), 5 gallons of salty stuff, and stuff that could permanently harm your innards (Phospho Soda), it is great to have ANOTHER, non-threatening choice!!!

You GO girl!!! YEA...and dancing for the clean scope!!!! YEA!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

BTW, my other trick is to eat a soft, non-fiber, low-spice, high soluable protein diet for 2 days before the cleaning....makes for an easier passage!

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So glad to hear things went smoothly with the colonoscopy, I love Ensure, my kids actually drink it too! the dark chocolate kind, I have been getting the kind to gain weight, to hopefully let it help me add some calories in that department, I really want to gain some weight.

Good luck on yours Michelle!


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tiny one
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This sure sounds easier than the phosphsoda. I will never forget the taste of that nasty stuff. How were the bathroom issues? Was this prep easier that way to?

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I have my this coming monday, not looking forward to it, but dont dread it anymore either. To me its just like a doc appointment. Strange that we get used to this kind of appointments. LOL


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You'll be in my thoughts and prayers for a nice clean one! Hope everything comes out smoothly as well (you know what I mean) LOL...I look forward to hearing about your outcome!


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I think the Miralax was not as bad tasting, altho I did put
some lemon in each cup I drank and that seemed to help too.
I guess I went to the bathroom about the same number of times
so that didn't change. The biggest change is that it did not
dehydrate me.along with the Slim Fast and being able to eat
breakfast I felt myself the next morning and was able to
get to the appointment and home with less physical weakness
involved. Hooray!


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Barbara that is wonderful news. I'm glad that you were able to tolerate this one so well and that everything came out great. Time to do the happy dance.


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I'm very confused about you being able to have breakfast the day of the procedure. How is this possible? I have to take Miralax every day, anyway, so that would make an easier prep. I don't find that it has any taste at all.


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Nana b
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My surgeon put me on tablespoon miralax mixed in water for about a month, it was great as a softner. It also worked as an antaicid for my tummy.

I will ask before my next colonoscopy, that fleet kind is so disgusting!

Great news on your results!

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Joined: Jun 2008

I was surprised about breakfast too....but I do think
you need to eat something that's easy to digest, soft....
cereal, muffin, donut, eggs.....not bacon etc......
then by the time you have gone thru the prep that
evening it must go through the system and out rapidly.
And they stress no milk...but I did have a little on
cereal and that did not seem to affect the test.
The nurse said every gastroenterologist has their own
method of prep so ask when you schedule one. They gave
me a printed sheet of instructions.

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