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My Uncle's Choice to not get treatment for Cancer

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hello out there. I hope that someone can shed some light on what I am going throught at this point. I myself do not have cancer, but my Uncle Manual who I am very close has just been told the he does. This this the 3rd time, and this cancer is munch more aggressive that the types in the past.

He is not in the best of health to begin with, and then the doctors have told him that he has stage 3 cancer. And with more dental surgery, radiation and Chemo he will have a 60% chance at beating the cancer. He is only in his early 50's and weighs appx. 110lbs. some of the other doctors have given him the impression that the cancer treatment will do more harm than good, being that he is in such a weak state. So he has decided against the treatment.

As his family we all support his decision. He is a good man that has done a lot of good in this lifetime. He has the will power and heart to keep on living. He says " I ain't done yet, I still got lots to do here, I ain't gonna die today" Keep in mind he is a good ol' counrty man that would give any one a helping hand. He has faith that God will give him the gas to get to where ever he needs to get. God has answered a lot of our prayers, and given us all a lot of blessings. Sometimes I think that God is the only one that has gotten him through the battles in the past. I think God has given the knowledge to those in the medical profession to help along the way as well.

Sorry, I could go on forever about my uncle. But ultimatly, what I wanted to know is are there any others out there that decided to not get the treatment and what was the outcome. Please any one let me know any thing you can.


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My uncle also chose not to get treatments for his cancer, late stages of Melanoma. I lost him about one year ago this month. His choice to not undergo treatments was hard for everyone except for him. He accepted his fate, made peace with god, and lived up until the end. Those around him suffered through it and I say its because we are selfish, and wanted him to stay with us for our own needs. He accepted it, we didnt. He lived very much right up until the end, maybe we should have lived with him instead of questioning his sanity??? I regret I didnt enjoy his last months with him like I should have.

Live with him, embrace his decision and enjoy however long he is going to be with you.

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Dear Natalia,
There will come a time when I will have to make the same decision that your uncle has made; in fact, I think a lot of us have thought about that choice to one degree or another. It is a difficult decision to make and I give your uncle so much credit for being strong enough to know when he has had enough.
I may have made that decision myself a year ago, had it not been for the fact that I have children and a husband who need me. I was given more time through a clinical trial and am praying for a cure but that may not happen. So, if and when that time comes, I want my family to support my decision and understand that I am not choosing to leave them, but rather, I am choosing to go home to my Father and have the peace and health that this life can no longer afford me. It is a very personal and difficult decision. The most loving thing that you can do is to support your uncle and enjoy the time that you have left together. Know that he loves you and that his decision is more about comfort and peace than it is about leaving people behind. He still loves you, he just knows how much he is willing to endure and what he cannot endure. I give him so much credit for taking control of his life and health care decisions; he is a very brave man. Love him while you can and remember him for the hero is when he is watching over you from Heaven.
Wishing you peace and a different perspective,

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