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Hi. I was just wondering if any of you had any of the symptoms I have before you were diagnosed. I have an appointment set up for later this week with my doctor for a complete health check, but I have to admit I am really scared. I can just FEEL that something is wrong and being a single mom of five kids, that has me freaked out...

My symptoms:

1. EXTREMELY itchy skin, all over my body. I feel like I could rip my skin to shreds and still not have relief.

2. Swollen lymphnode in my groin. It has been swollen for around 2 years now. Also, one in my neck that comes and goes.

3. A growth on my right eye, right under lower eyelid. It started out on my cheekbone but moved up and has progressively gotten bigger. Recently, if I touch it, a large black spot appears in my field of vision.

4. Unexplained bruising. This happens especially on my legs and thighs.

5. Twitching eyelids

6. Excessive sweating

7. Stabbing headaches, pain that shoots from my eyes to the back of my head, numbness and tingling in the back of my head

8. On and off low-grade fevers(99.9- 101.9)

9. EXTREME fatigue. I can sleep for 12-14 hours, be awake for 2 hours, and sleep 12-14 again and still not feel rested.

10. Body aches. Even my hair hurts.

These are just the symptoms that bother me on a daily basis. ANY input any of you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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First of all let me welcome you to the site. You will find that many of the people here are very supportive and understanding because we have all 'been there' when it comes to the cancer journey.

Having said that you have not been diagnosed and it's important for you not to jump too far ahead in all that you are thinking and feeling. You ask if any of these symptoms have been experienced by any of us who have been diagnosed but the truth is that everyone is different in their symptoms and many of the symptoms you describe could belong to a whole list of medical issues that are not cancer related at all.

It is completely normal to feel nervous when you see these many symptoms arise but you are doing the wise thing by going to your doctor and getting it all checked out before whatever this is gets much worse.

I know this is probably not the answered you wanted but it is the way to proceed, a step at a time and get to the doctor for the checkup. Try and keep busy til then and after all the testing the long wait for results I know will be hard so try and plan to do something to keep you busy so you aren't just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring with the results - if you possibly can. Waiting is the worst, we all know that on this board but if you want my advice truly keeping busy is the best fix. Get out and walk too, it relieves stress - take your kids to the park and participate in the play with them instead of sitting on a bench watching if that is what you do when you go. Being 100% involved with them on an outing will do two things, focus your attention on them and not the results and secondly give you the exercise you need as well.

Do let us know how the tests turn out and I will put in a prayer for you. Blessings, Blueroses.

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I had the fatigue, itching, headaches, and night sweats before I was
diagnosed. I thought it was hormonal b/c I had a complete hysterectomy
at age 40 1 yr. before dx. I wasn't even going to the dr but I got so
sick while painting my daughter's house that I went to urgent care center.
When dr saw swollen nodes on shoulder, she flipped out. That began the
marathon of dr visits, biopsies, tests, tests, and more tests in less than
3 weeks. Once I had my port in place, aggressive chemo began. Just like that.
I really didn't even have time to think about what was happening. It happened
so fast. It was a whirlwind!
I am still having symptoms but last PET 3 weeks ago looked pretty good.
Had 3 rounds chemo then Bexxar.
Next step is bone marrow transplant. I hope not to do anything until
after my daughter's wedding in October. She is my youngest, 21.
Let us know how the dr appt goes. I know how scared you are.
Hang in there and God bless.



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Hi notgrannysmith,

Just wondering if you had your checkup yet and what the results were. I did not have any symptoms other than a swollen lymph node near my collarbone which 3 doctors could not feel. Other than just knowing something was wrong with my neck, I felt fine and never felt sick. The symptoms you describe could be attributed to lymphoma BUT they could also be attributed to many more less serious things. So it is good that you are getting a checkup so you can get a proper diagnosis. I had a very hard time getting diagnosed because doctors did not adequately listen to me; they dismissed my complaints that I thought I felt something in my neck. If you really feel something is not right, please make sure that your doctor(s) act accordingly and do not just dismiss you. Insist on testing; it took a chiropractor to tell me that she could see swelling in my neck and could feel swollen lymph nodes before my doctor would order an ultrasound. And even then, he still insisted I did not have swollen lymph nodes and was ordering the ultrasound to look for a thyroid nodule. Best of luck and please let us know how you are doing.
Mary Ann

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hi Mary Ann...

Well, I get my test results tomorrow, June 11th. I am scared. When I went in for my health screening last week, my doctor walked out of the room and brought in a cancer specialist to talk to me. Of course, they told me not to worry, but that's impossible. For the last week, I have been terrified. Hopefully, I will have more answers tomorrow.

Thanks to you all for your responses. I will let you know what I hear.

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Hi notgrannysmith,

I just want to wish you the best of luck today. Hopefully, it will be a benign condition but if it is not, remember there are so many people on these boards that can offer you support or just be there to listen. Stay strong; you can and will get through whatever the outcome is.
Mary Ann

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Good luck today.I will be thinking of you and sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

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