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update on mom

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my moms first chemo was not working...so she was trying a different chemo that dr kok said might work well now friday 22nd of may she had another scan to find out that this chemo is not working now what im to the point i dont know what to do...now on top of it all my dad is sick ugh i dont know how much more a 20 year old pregnant daughter can handle...

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I took a chemo that had to be taken twice then it started going down, tumors. Two different ones did this to me. I have ovarian and off and on chemo for 7 years. There is something out there for her. Maybe find a cancer center or another oncologist if this one is not helping her enough. I dont know the full situation. But do you have anyone who could help you with your parents? The American Cancer Society maybe able to help or right here on the network they have info that may help you. Some Drs are fantastic some not so good. Maybe she has a good one but need to ask questions. If they dont tell you what you want to hear change oncologist and get the list from the Cancer Soiety and even maybe some help taking care of parents. Cancer Society may help on getting you direction. I pray for you families best.
Prayers and Hugs

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we have tried everything possible that the dr would give her we have went to two different oncologist around here and both said none of the chemo treatments is working she is taking the strongest chemo that one person can possibly take and has taken it since feb of 09 and her cancer and spread double from what it was the dr said yes we can continue to give her the chemo but its not gonna get any stronger so its not gonna do anything and she has decided to stop the chemo b/c it makes her so sick.....i am an only child so no not really do i have anyone who can help my aunt comes over 3 days a week but my parents still want me over and i know im not gonna have them much longer so i go...my mom has seven sisters but they all live out of state and they come when they can

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