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does colorectal CA affect children?

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My 9 year old son has had a mucouse discharge from his rectum for a few months, I was unaware it was an everyday occurence, We seen a peditrician, he sent us to a GI specielist, stool sample sent to lab, results normal.No detection of sexual abuse. We are taking our son to another pediatrician on Friday.
Has anyone heard of this? Should I just take him to the ER. My father died 2 years ago of colan ca. I am very concerned. Please Help

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I don't believe cancer doesn't discriminate with age, but if my son was having a mucous discharge from his rectum, I would bring him to the ER room right away, to calm my nerves. Is he in any pain? and bleeding when he urinates or in his stools? it wouldn't hurt to get it checked it out soon, I have colon cancer, but never had muscous discharge as any kind of sympton, in fact I had no symptoms when I found out I had cancer.

For peace of your mind, and just to make sure he's ok, he should just go see a doctor, I hope all turns out well, it could just be nothing, but doesn't hurt to make sure. Let us know he is!


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He is not in pain, but when the mucuse comes out, his stomach will hurt a little bit,no blood. I will definately return to this site, i came here all the time when my dad was ill, i always read the post.very informative and reliable information. thanks Melissa

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My nephew was having some discharge when he was 9 and my sister in law took him to get a colonoscopy and they found two polyps so yes he should be checked. My sister in law has colon cancer in her family so they have to be cautious. It probably is nothing though, but it would be wise to insist that all avenues are checked.


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As a result of sitting on the board of C4 (California Colorectal Cancer Coalition), I met the aunt of 2 girls, one 9 and one 12, that both had had colorectal cancer, and now had permanent colostomies.

Yes, it CAN affect kids...sigh...normally so far below the radar that no one checks...good call on your part, since your dad died from it. BTW, have YOU been checked??????

Hugs, Kathi

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It is possible but highly unlikely. More likely are issues that eventually lead to crc: ulcerative colitis, chrohn's disease, celiac disease, diverticulitus, etc. Your son should be tested to eliminate those as a possibility, and guess what? That will eliminate your worry about the colon canzer, too. Don't get me wrong, all of the above can be serious issues and need to be addressed. You really just need to know what's going on. One symptom would be enough for me.

My son (21) was have some disturbing symptoms and just had a CLEAR colonoscopy. He has one internal hemorrhoid that they are watching. We are just relieved to know for sure.


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