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Back to work

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Well I went back to my job on Tuesday. I was so excited to be back. Lots of my coworkers emailed me and sent cards during my surgery and treatment but I never expected a welcome back party. People stopping by my cube all day to ask how i was doing and to welcome me back. I must say I was suprised. By the end of day one I was tired and almost fell asleep on the bus. Today day 2 I was tired when i got up but went to work and was able to be productive. It feels good to be back to my new "normal" funny how normal is not the way it us to be everything is differant when you battle cancer. I will never be the same person but nice to know the new me is almost the same as the old me but a little older and wiser.

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I am so glad that you are able to be back to work and are re-capturing some of your pre-cancer life. I worked through most of my chemo, but since I work from home and own my business, I've always been able to go lie down when I needed to and could work around my oncology appointments. I did pay someone to cover for me during May and June since I am getting radiation 5 days a week for 28 external and 3 internal radiation rounds. (I thought it would be too hard to miss half the business day getting treatments and still keep up with everything.) So I'm enjoying spending my afternoons after radiation working in my garden and napping and reading, and only 'checking in' at work each day so that I can keep up with my emails and phone messages. But as much as I am enjoying these 2 months of leisure, I can hardly wait to get back to my work in July and my 'old life' and hope to be an enhanced version of my 'old self',...like you said, older and wiser. I certainly don't look on cancer as a gift, but I do believe it has enriched who I am and how I look at life now.

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