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Hi everyone

Today I went from Scanpanic to SCANTASTIC !!!! I was diagnoses Stage IV 10/2007. I had my last surgery for an ovarian met 6 months ago and last chemo 1 year ago in early May. My PET/CT today was NED!

Thank you all for your support during my panic hours.

My onc said see you in 6 months- and a scan in a year. When he saw the panicked look on my face about a whole year until the next scan he said in 6 months we can negotiate about the scan(CEA is not a good indicator for me -normal at diagnosis).

I could not wait to tell my two daughters(by text at school)I met them off the bus and you could just see the relief in their faces. It is such a wonderful day for our family.

Rob- I think you were getting results today, too. Hoping we will both be celebrating tonight

Grateful to you all,

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Way to go Dawn. That's fantastic news. I am so happy for you.


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for you. i go monday for my first cat scan since starting this crappy chemo,i think the only thing i dread right now is drinking that nasty barium.then i go for #7 treatment on tuesday.what a week.im so happy for you glad when i can get there.Godbless....johnnybegood

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That is extraordinarily WONDERFUL! Nekkid happy dance going on here for you! That will take weeks of celebration to overcome.

Dawn, you soooo deserve this! I'm so happy for you I can't stand myself!



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Congrats and blessings on this terrific news!!!

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Way to go...didn't it feel good to give your kids good news??

Many hugs, Vicki

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What wonderful news!



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What great news you could share with your 2 girls. We are all here doing a happy dance with you and rejoice in your good news. Have fun celebrating!!


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I'm so happy to hear your news! There is nothing better for the cancer survivor!

Alas... my own onc appoiontment was cancelled... postponed until June 9th! Not to worry though. I'm pretty sure it is all clear! I'll probably go to see my GP to get the results in the meantime.

Have a totally great day!!



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Can't wait to hear the ALL CLEAR.

Keep me "posted"


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Wow... what wonderful news after walking around on pins and needles!! The fact your onc said "scan in a year", that is fabulous!! It means he is very confident that it is safe to go a year. If there was anything even remotely suspicious, he would order a scan in 4 months or 6 months or 8 months... but a year?? He's confident that all is well... and you have FREEDOM from worry now!!!

I have a scan coming up in July... 4 months since my last one. I am was so pleased that she said "see you in 4 months". Mind you, we KNOW I have nodules in my lungs, but they were not active in March. So I'm hoping they haven't grown or become active in July. If they haven't, I will be doing the Happy Dance even with nodules!! And will be ecstatic to boot!!

You go, girl.... but not away from the boards :) We need you around here :)

Hiya neighbour!! I hope your results are just as good!! When you go see your GP and get the results, don't forget to come back to the board and let us know how they went :) :)


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I will be thinking of you in July and hoping those nodules are just dead...dead...dead

A year is a long time...I think we will negotiate that in 6 months!


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is probably the best thing we can hear after the cancer and chemo ride. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Go out and celebrate and enjoy your new status.

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That is great news. I can imagine you being excited to tell your girls such excellent news. Time for you to celebrate. Kim

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Your words about your daughters getting off the bus brought a huge smile to my face and warmed my heart. What a great visual you "painted".

Celebrate and look for a PM from me tomorrow, it's getting late here.

I am so very happy for you.

Lisa P.

Julie 44
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That is awsome news..Good for you..Live your life now and don't look back..Enjoy your family , the sun sets, and everything that is beautiful..Stop and smell the roses you deserve it......JULIE

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Giving the girls the news was the absolute best thing about the whole day!!! It broght a huge smile and a few tears were shed.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Awesome! You are blessed and should celebrate! All my best

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here for you.....best news to hear and to be able to tell your girls by text.....How cool is that....Congrats on a great big step in your journey...You certainly deserve it.....

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Congratulations Dawn! I am so happy to hear your wonderful news, I get more and more hope now when I hear this...go out and celebrate, and live your life to the fullest now! just keep moving on!

Hugssssss to you!

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Not a big fan of all that texting technology but this was definitely one instance when it was a cool thing to be able to do. Now I know they check their messages in school even when they are not supposed to. HEHE ..busted... for a good reason

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That's so lovely, Dawn. I'm VERY happy for you!


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Yea! Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your joyous news with us.


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That is wonderful news! We love it when NED shows up at our door!!! It's a little early in the morning for a naked dance, but I'll do it after coffee:-)


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Thank you all for sharing my joy. Our family truly feels blessed by this news. We are hopeful for the future but grateful for each day we have.

Don't worry Cheryl- I am not going anywhere. I want to give back what has so wonderfully been given to me from all of you -support-kind word-encouragment-love etc. I want to share your set backs,challenges,joys, good news with each one of you.

Smiling from ear to ear,

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