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I have many questions about the "second line" of treatment. Can anyone share their experiences with Alimpta?
Has this medication had significant effect on tumors?
How were the side affects for you?


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    Dear KarenK54,

    Dear KarenK54,

    Besides posting your message on this board, you may want to use keywords to search our community for others going through a similar experience. In addition, we encourage you to contact the National Cancer Information Center at 1-800-227-2345. We have cancer information specialists available around the clock.

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    I just went through six rounds of chemo with Cisplatin, Alimta, and Avastin. After three rounds of this combo, my tumor did shrink significantly, and after a further three rounds remained stable (but did not shrink any more). However, it's hard for me to say what effect Alimta had, because I never took it independently of these other two drugs.

    In terms of side effects, I just had the usual fatigue and such, but again, I cannot single out which of these drugs, or what combination gave me the side effects.
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    Hi Karen,
    I have been on Alimta as a second line treatment since October 2006 & have had amazing results with it. I was diagnosed with Phase IIIb lung cancer in March of 2006 & went through 12 chemo treatments (2 different kinds) & 33 radiation treatments. My cancer was inoperable because of the size and cancer location, which was next to my breathing mechanisms. The tumor had also invaded my heart. After receiving Alimta for awhile, the tumor receded from my heart, and continued to shrink in size. My last several PET scans have been really good and have shown no metabolic activity to indicate that the cancer is even present anymore. I continue to receive Alimta every 3 weeks as a type of maintenance program to keep everything stable. I've had only minimal side effects with the chemo, & continued to work until my job was eliminted in March of this year. Good luck to you, and feel free to contact me with any other questions.