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#6 Tomorrow - Half way there

JR's picture
Posts: 140
Joined: May 2009

Well I have the distingushed honor of having my 6th Chemo treatment tomorrow. Aint it great. One step closer to kicking cancer in the ---. (You fill in the blanks.) Bring it on, I can take it. Wish me luck.


CherylHutch's picture
Posts: 1399
Joined: Apr 2007

Hey John... you don't need luck! Luck is for gamblers :) Just think of it... you have made it to #6 and are still doing well enough to sit at the computer and yak with the group here and I'm going to assume that you have been able to get out and about and carry on a relatively normal lifestyle (normal for you). That's not luck... that's a man who already has the attitude to beat this thing and can look at these chemo treatments as a necessary but annoying part of one's life. As of this week, you are going to be halfway through the treatments and are still feeling good!! Oh sure, the treatment days and maybe a couple of days after you aren't feeling quite up to your usual standards, but what are a couple of days here and there when the exchange is an ongoing life?? :)

I still think there should be a Purple Heart or something that is awarded to cancer patients who make it through all their treatments with a smile on their face. I know, I know... I don't mean to make light of the reason a Purple Heart is given to our extremely brave soldiers who risk their lives in the line of duty, to protect the homeland and their fellow citizens. That's huge. But when you think of the individual battle that all cancer survivors go through... sometimes once, twice, three times or more (or in some cases, ongoing)... the happy-go-lucky citizen has absolutely no idea what terror we go through when first diagnosed and then the battle ahead that so many of us come out of and are able to celebrate. As for, are we doing it for our homeland and fellow citizens? I say yes... because of us and those before us, we are making a dent in this ongoing search for treatments that WILL make it easier for others down the road... if not outright find a cure.

So, purple hearts to everyone... including all caregivers since they sometimes have the toughest job of all!! Not only do they go through the same fears and terrors of thinking they might lose a loved one and be left behind on their own, they then have to do the manual, physical work of looking after the cancer warrior when they are having a rough time. So cancer peoples... wear your Purple Heart of Courage on your sleeve... every day!! :)



Shayenne's picture
Posts: 2370
Joined: Jan 2009

As Bon Jovi says: woahhhhhhhh~ You're halfway there, woahhhhh-ohhhhh! living on a prayer!!!!

Ok, enough of my bad singing LOL....I go for my 5th treatment tomorrow, so both of us are doing this at the same time, keep the smile, and keep fighting the awful fatigue that comes along with it, I dread the treatments, hoping they don't get worse and worse...

My prayers are with you! and thanks for the post and purple heart Cheryl, that was a nice post!


Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6694
Joined: Feb 2009

Wishing you well on your treatment tomorrow. You sound like a strong person so I am confident that all will go well. I will be thinking of you. Keep that attitude.


Kathleen808's picture
Posts: 2361
Joined: Jan 2009

Hi John,
You're on the same schedule as my husband. He is doing his 6th treatment today. 1/2 way there! (If you have 12 treatments). good luck tomorrow.

kimby's picture
Posts: 804
Joined: Oct 2007


Did I fill in the blank correctly? Do I win a prize? LOL Halfway there is great! Do a countdown if that helps you. Whatever gets you through the day. Celebrate tomorrow - it really makes people nervous in the infusion room when you have fun! It is a riot, give it a try!

LUCK, grins and giggles,


Julie 44
Posts: 479
Joined: Oct 2008

Hey you all keep on haning in there..You guys are well on your way to the NED Club!!!!! Keep on trucking along....It is such a great feeling to be halfway there and even better feeling to be NED!!! Stay positive even when your days stink..Have something to look forward to when you are NED..I had a BIG bbq to celebrate..My family, friends, coworkers it was great..Had about 40 people here.....Had a great time....You all will get there too...Good luck to all....JULIE

johnnybegood's picture
Posts: 1122
Joined: Oct 2008

go for it.i just finished #6 last week .we are half way there lets keep on going and going lots of luck Godbless....johnnybegood

VickiCO's picture
Posts: 934
Joined: Oct 2008

Go kick some royal butt!!!

Many hugs, Vicki

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

Just think how far you've come! Be proud and kick butt!


daydreamer110761's picture
Posts: 497
Joined: Dec 2008

And now I am here, over the chemo and waiting to get a scan...

you can do it! kick some chemo bootie!

JR's picture
Posts: 140
Joined: May 2009

Thanks for all your support. I arrived back at work about three hours ago and feel okay. I've got a little of that chemo/zombie feeling going on but nothing I can't handle. Thanks again.


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