Combo Chemo/Radiation ?

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My husband has stage 3 Lung Cancer Adencarcinoma and his oncologist says that radiation is "not an option". He has scheduled chemo Gemcitabine and Carboplatin. I've read about many getting both chemo/radiation for this and am wondering why my husband is not. He did have a lot of chest fluid which was removed with a chest tube and had the talc inserted so all is well with that. Any ideas?

Also, his chemo is only scheduled for once a week alternating between one 5 hour and then just a 30 min. Is that a typical treatment?


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    It is difficult to describe anything as 'typical' in CancerLand. Our various cancers, our various stages, our various body types, our various levels of health, our various reactions to medications, all of these and more play a part in what the doctors will advise.

    Based on a previous post by you indicating the doctors believe your husband's time is limited, I suspect that this treatment is palliative in nature; that is, they want to prolong his life, along with some quality, for as long as they can, but without much hope for long-term success. It may also be that his health is not up for some other options such as surgery and/or radiation. Obviously impossible to say from here. Again, there are so many variables.

    It is possible, you know, to seek advice from other Oncologists. If you are uncomfortable with the decisions made by your husband's current OncoMan, and, more importantly, if HE (your husband) is uncomfortable, you can elect to get another opinion.

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