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Malignant melanomia stage IV

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What do you do when you have found your loved one is diagnosed with this type of cancer.
We are going to Moffitt in Tampa on tuesday. We are scared to death what they are going to tell us. Every thing we have read has been bad. Has anyone out there been to Moffitt? My boyfriend has it on his back 3.6mm, an just tonight I noticed a lump by his collar bone,I found that this is where one of the lymph nodes are. Just don't know what to do where to start. Am I, I should say we worring ourselves sick until we have the excision and lymph node biopsy. We will be going for the consultation on tuesday. Anybody out there that can give me some insight.

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Dear K,
I am a stage 4 melanoma survivor and I have been in this battle for over a year and a half: you have time to get your loved one tested and decide what kind of treatment you believe is in his best interest. There are many options and you do not have to decide overnight. You may also want to look into clinical trials; I am on one now that is more successful than the standard treatments have been for me.
You will feel every emotion there is and so will your loved ones; be patient and keep talking. It is a scary, terrible disease and getting a handle on your emotions will help you make better decisions as you progress through treatment. Don't despair; where there is life, there is hope.
You are in my thoughts and prayers; you can internal mail me if you'd like someone to talk to.
With love and understanding,

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My hub is stage 3 but his tumor on his back was 5 cm, required 2 major surgeries and when they removed the tumor it crumbled in his back and took an hour to clean up before they could begin the operation which took 4 hours. He ended up having 20 lymph nodes removed after his pet scan during the second surgery. It's been tough and they told us they thought he didn't have long when we went in Aug of 2008 and here it is May 2009 and he's still plugging along and got to see our first child graduate high school. He is on Interferon, he underwent 5 weeks of iv therapy for 4 hrs a day and now I give him shots 3 times a week for 11 months. He is on permanent disability and is only 50 yrs old but the alternative of dying isn't in our plans. So we take it one day at a time, I chat with Hollyberry frequently and pray alot. That's all you can do. Stay in touch, we know how you feel.

God Bless

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I was referred to Moffitt by my local oncologist for consultation and surgery By Dr. Sondek. The doctors there are highly skilled in their surgical techniques as they do a lot of that type of surgery, so you're in good hands. There's also a lot of research and clinical trials going on. If you live any distance from Tampa, make sure you have a local surgeon or nurse to help with dressings, swelling, drains, pain etc. after you go home. My surgery went well and I healed nicely, but the post-op recovery can be a little rough. Ask lots of questions about exactly what will be done and how you'll feel. I wish you the best and hope all goes well for you. If you have any specific questions let me know. I was a patient, and am also nurse.

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I am currently a stage 4 MM patient. I was originally diagnosed with melanoma in 1998 and again in 2000. I was diagnosed in 2004 with stage 3 melanoma and after a surgery and interferon I did very well until 2008 when my cancer mets. again. however, I am still here. You know just becaused your loved one was diagnosed with Melanoma does not mean it has to be a death sentence. I have surpassed my expiration date a long time ago. I say this to give you HOPE. Please know that you can think things through but do not waste much time. Most of this time Interferon is the next step if your loved on is only stage 3. I was on it, yes it was tough but if I can make it through your loved one can make it through. It is like having the flu for an entire year. With good support your loved one will make it through. Please know that I care.

Mother with stage 4 MM

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I am a prostrate cancer survivor. Had surgery March 2009 and healing favorably. My PSA level is good so I can truly say I survived it. Mid June my wife who had melanoma 18 years ago went for annual check up and found out after 18 years that melanoma has returned and mets with tumors on her lungs and esophagus. We see the oncologist tomorrow to discuss prognosis and treatment plan. From what I've read in my inet research, I am afraid for her survival. We have talked about it and both realize that the only way she can survive this is by the grace of God and through prayer. Through my research I see there are people like yourself that have survived and that gives me hope. Please pray for us as we begin our journey.

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 in early 2007, went through the interferon... and now just diagnosed with stage 4 since it is in my lungs... but no other organs - thank goodness.. I will be starting interlukin 2 next week. reading about you gives me even more hope. having a supportive family is the best as well as postive thinking...

lady with a purpose

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I, too, am a stage 4 melanomia survivor. Mine was a suspicious mole that seemed to suddenly appear on the back of my calf. Then, it looked as if it was diappearing. But, when it started to hurt, I had it checked and found that I had a 4.73 melanomia - almost a stage 5. Luckily, the doctor said I have a little extra fat on my body (I'm 50 pounds over the ideal weight) and he says, that is what saved my calf muscle. I opted for an aggresive surgery and had a 4x2-inch cube removed along with the mole. That was May 2008, but lately, that spot has started to randomly ache. I've never been through or known about Interferon. What is that? I'm going back to the doctor to have this rechecked this week. I pray you are doing well. My faith is strong and I am believing for the best. Write me back sometime if you would like to keep in touch.

Dinah in Dayton

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I am a melanomia survivor and was diagnosed last May 2008. It was a mole, the size of a pencil eraser, that appeared on the back of my calf and then just seemed to disappear. Actually it was going deeper into my skin. I opted for surgery and had a 4x2-inch rectangular piece removed from the back of my leg. I am still concerned about this spot as it has now started to have a few aches. This Monday I am going back to my specialist for another biopsy. How did your boyfriend's treatment go? Best of luck and prayers. Dinah in Dayton

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My husband was diagnosed 5/5/08 with stage IV. He had a brain tumor removed but no one can find the primary melanoma. He has been doing well so far after surgery, radaition and chemo. He has to go for his routine scan in 2 weeks. It's horrible living for 3 months at a time!

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