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It's FAPMOM47 doing much better

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I went to the er and they are stupid!!!!! I told them I had rectal surgery on the 11th, and had an odor and color to discharge. They made me sit after I told them I could not sit, we waited 2 hours and I went up there and then I finally got a room. I told them about what was going on and after I got discharged seen they had me as having abdominal pain,which was way wrong. I have called and have a few others that are calling to let them know they are idiots.

Feeling Much Better And Will See Surgeon on June 4th.

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The hospital administration needs to know what a bunch of numbskulls they have in the ER! I'm glad you're feeling better and will see someone who knows what they're doing soon. Abdominal pain, my butt!!!


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Sorry to hear you had to go to emergency. I know after I had my rectal surgery I too had discharge, but it was blood and mucous and when I went to go see the surgeon she said that was very normal. Not sure what you had done, but I just went back to my surgeon a little over a week ago (7 weeks after surgery) and mentioned the blood again (not very much now) and he said nothing to worry about. Not sure what discharge you had, but I'm glad you are feeling better.


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When I had my LAR surgery, I was in the hospital for 9 days - had GREAT care. Went home - back within 24 hours as I couldn't stop vomiting. Had to go through the ER. Yikes. They put me in a tiny room - where I continued to vomit. At one point, I was gagging - couldn't breathe, and the nurse was standing there, asking me questions - expecting me to answer. I just pointed at my husband. I desparately wanted to lie down, but the "bed" I was on felt like a small, hard kitchen table (I swear I'm not exaggerating here). After several attempts at drugs to stop the nausea, one kind of knocked me out so I could sort of rest - even on the hard kitchen table. I finally told the nurse - "if this is all you're going to do for me, I'll just go home - give me drugs and I'll just take them myself at home.". She didn't want to do this - and finally they moved me into some sort of transitional ward on a different floor. The nurse there said they were trying to figure out what do do with me.

I ended up spending the night on this floor and then was transferred back into the exact same room I was in the previous week, on the surgery recovery floor. Thank heavens! I knew I would be taken care of there - and I was. I ended up staying an extra week and having a tube put into my arm so I could receive TPN (liquid food stuff).

So yes, I can totally relate to the ER experience - not good. But as bad as the ER was, the rest of my hospital experience was fabulous - they really treated me like a queen. And I did let the hospital know how much I appreciated the excellent care I received on the surgery recovery floor (NOT the ER!)

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