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How long did you have pain from tonsilectomy?

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My husband had his right tonsil removed 10 days ago and the pain is still pretty severe. It seems like he has a good day of lesser pain and then it comes back the next day full force...

How long does this healing take, how long were you in pain after surgery?

Thanks for any info.

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I was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the right tonsil after having it removed in June 2007. I had similar issues with the pain coming and going. If my memory serves me correctly it was approximately three weeks before I could say that I was no longer in pain after the surgery. Maybe other issues like having a port and a tummy tube installed took precedent over the throat pain for me. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery. God bless...

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I remember it being a while - like 4 weeks maybe? I also remember hearing people say eat ice cream and the cold stuff really hurt after a couple weeks - what helped me was the warm stuff like warm tea then. The ice cream helped in the beginning, but weeks later, the warmer stuff like chicken soup helped more. I also second someone's post about other things happening that take over that pain and that just blended into the next item, the stomach tube surgery and the treatments starting up.

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I had Marcaine injected after my surgery and had no pain for 2 days. I then got soreness for a week which tylenol took the edge off and allowed me to eat or drink whatever I wanted. Radiation was a different monster for me though. For me the tonsilectomy was not as difficult as the radiation. I had the tonsilectomy on a Thursday and went back to work on the following Monday. This experience will be different for everyone. My surgeon was surprised that I had such little pain after he removed both tonsils. Sorry to hear your husband had a different experience and I hope all turns out well and changes for him soon.

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