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Newbie on board!

Sheltie Luv
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Joined: May 2009


I am a newbie here, diagnosed with uterince cancer on Feb. 24, 2009. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and that I can't wait to begin reading your posts!


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Welcome Brenda
Did you have surgery yet? Where are you treating? I am stage 2b endometral cancer had hys on 2/20/09 and had 25 external (IMRT) radiaition treatments and 4 internal (HDR) now looking to go back to work on Tuesday. I found this site to be very helpful as i know no others in my area with this cancer.
Good Luck and keep us updated
Lisa from MN

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Are you currently in treatment? I have Stage III-C UPSC (papillary serous, a very aggressive recurrent rare type of uterine cancer), and had my de-bulking & staging surgery in September 2008, and 6 rounds of carbo/taxol chemo that I finished in late March. Currently I am getting external IMRT radiation and have finished 17 of my scheduled 28 rounds which should wrap up June 9th. (I go 5 days a week, but have tomorrow off for Memorial Day.) Then I'll get 3 rounds of internal vaginal brachy radiation, and if I have a clear CT-scan in July, I should FINALLY be done with my initial treatment protocol. My hair is just starting to come in, an extremly sparce salt-and-pepper peach fuzz of very soft almost transparent hair. But I have half my eyebrows and lashes back and am looking healthier each day.

Please let us know if you've had your surgery and where you are in additional treatment, and what your pathology said, if you feel comfortable sharing any of that. WELCOME & BIG HUGS!

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Glad you found us here. There are a lot of caring and supportive ladies here. It helps to be able to "talk" to people who really understand. Hope you find support and compassion here.
Let us know what treatment you have or are going to receive?
My story is similar to Linda's. I was Stage IIIC UPSC, I had a total hysterectomy in September. Internal and external radiation from October to December. I started Chemo in January and will hopefully have my final treatment this coming Wednesday.
There are lots of "experienced" ladies her, so don't be afraid to ask anything.
Take care and may God bless you.

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I have UPSC recurrent. I just found this discussion a few weeks ago. It did not exist during my initial diagnosis in 2006. It's a good group. I had laproscopic surgery in 2006. Right now, I've just had 7 carboplatin/taxol chemos and will have two more at 3 week intervals. I hope your treatment goes smoothly. Mary Ann on San Francisco Bay

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Sorry for your diagnosis. Hope you find this website helpful. I have found it to be so helpful because these ladies know what I have been going through. I too have Stage III-C UPSC. I had the DaVinci Robotic total hysterectomy in January 09. I am one of the ones who have the "sandwich" treatment ordered. I had 3 chemo treatments Taxol/Carboplatin done. Then I had my radiation treatments, and then will have 3 more chemo treatments.
Good luck with your treatments.

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There's so much to take in - especially in the beginning. So feel free to ask questions- this group has had a lot of experience, and everyone has been so supportive and honest.

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So sorry you have to join this club, Brenda, but this blog is full of inspiration and practical knowledge. I'm stage IIIc of the rare, aggressive form of endometrial cancer (papillary serous with clear cell features). I had surgery 12/31/2008, finished 6 rounds of taxol/carboplatin May 20 and meet with the radiologist June 18 to set up for about 6 weeks of radiation. Have you had your surgery yet? Keeping you in my prayers and hope all goes well.

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Aloha Sheltie Luv...welcome to this unique and inspiring group; commiserations on the "fee" to join the club; I don't like to define myself as "cancer" but I was diagnosed 5/08 Stage 1 A grade 3, chemo (Taxol and Carbo)8 cycles; no radiation; last chemo 11/26; last CA 125 was 11 (yeah; headed for my second three month check up...hair and eye lashes making a comeback; so is my stamina (finally)able to work 8 hours, 4 days in a row!!!!
Best wishes and hopes for a unremarkable course of treatment

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