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Religion and Spirituality

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I was talking to an online friend today and our new board here was mentioned. It also brought up an interesting topic. I am a Christian. I hesitate these days to acknowledge that. It's embarrassing sometimes.

When the word 'religion' comes up, the assumption by many (including non-believers and believers alike) is that 'Christian' is what is meant. Those two words are not synonymous. Religion comes in so many forms, including ones that don't include a deity.

When religion becomes a weapon (we've all seen it happen) Christians come out of the woodwork with the most un-Christian-like behavior I've ever seen. I want to stand up for those Christians that choose to behave in a Christ-like manner. That lead by example and show love to the unlovely. Christ sought out non-believers, prostitutes, drug addicts, and the greedy thieving tax collector. There is a difference between bad choices/behavior and evil. I don't treat evil the same as poor or different choices.

Since when is a difference in belief or opinion evil? Maybe we can spend some time being curious instead of attacking or belittling. Words can and do hurt. Respect for each other is so important. As a Christian, it is *my* belief that each person is a child of God. That means I have to be respectful. Their sins are not greater than mine, just different. I don't always succeed in behaving well. I'm human. But I will answer for my sins the same way everyone else does.

I think most everyone has a spiritual side. Some have developed it more than others. Some have taken it to the 'religious' level. Some have moved in a different direction. canzer has caused us to examine things at a deeper level, perhaps. canzer has created a strange and curious bond between us.

I find it fascinating that the very canzer we curse has brought friendship, spirituality/religion whatever, a clarity of life, the ability to experience moments of TRUE joy in a real and different way, a deeper meaning to life. I know that may not be true for everyone, but it certainly is for me. So, maybe we can agree to be more accepting; more gentle; more understanding. With others but also of ourselves.

I have a different relationship with God because canzer has created a different pace in my life. I take time to be quiet now. (Well, I pretty much have to because I spend so much time sitting, laying, sleeping, just resting...LOL) But those quiet times. Times when God awakens me to sit quietly with Him and listen. Allow Him to care for me. Those are the real moments of true joy. That's when I know I'm His and the kind of Christian He wants me to be. I still struggle, but I'm getting there.


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Understood as a paradox to the world but as love to His followers, the idea that God would give his own life for a falling world just does not make sense to someone who does not know Him.

You have found something that not many people have; it is only as we are tried in the fire of affliction that the true gold will appear and the smith knows when the gold is pure when he can see his own reflection in it.

You are so right the greatest of these is charity

God be with you and bless your Faith

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Kimby, I enjoyed reading your blog. I believe that God only gives us the good if we love him. The good from cancer has been the lessons learned about priorities and how God's strength gets us through the hard times. I try to talk about my Lord and Savior whenever I can. If there is peace in cancer it comes from him.


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