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Urinary Frequency

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Had open radical prostatectomy April 9th 2009. Have done well since surgery. urinay incontinecy is minimal during the day. A trickle here and there especially when standing up. Problem is that I've noticed that I have to get up 3-4 times during the night to urinate.Has anyone experienced this and if so any suggestions.
God bless all. Yes there is life after prostatectomy.

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I'll give you my spin on this. I have been incontinent for 3 yrs. You have just begun the healing process and it sounds like you're doing outstanding. If the nighttime urinary episodes continue, then you could see your urologist, but not until the fifth or sixth month. You have to give the healing process a chance. Typically all the pain associated with an RP remains to some extent for 3 months. Don't begin to medicate for at least the first six months for anything. When you finally do go to your urologist after you've given healing it's time, your urologist will perform a cystoptopy and urodynamics to make sure the plumbing looks good and see how your bladder capacity is.

I have noticed way to many posts that show far to much inpatience on the healing process. Think about it, you just had a major portion of your anatomy removed, it is impossible for everything to be normal in one month. The trauma to your bladder and nerve endings down there was extensive, all will return to normal. You have already beaten the worst in one month----no cancer--no incontinence. For overactive bladder there are plenty of things that could correct this if your situation persists.

Hope I brought this into perpective for you-------------you have won the battle extremely early---------------you are truly blessed.


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Thanks a million. Your input and perspective brings healing and comfort. Sometimes is difficult to keep the big picture in front of us. Thats why we need each other. Your help is tremendously appreciated.

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