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7 cm nodule on my lung?????

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I had an extreme coughing fit - ended up in extreme pain - went to the ER - had an IV catscan - no blood clot thank god! but found a 7 cm nodule - what does it mean??? i am probably getting ahead of myself - go see pulmonary doc on tuesday....but of course still freaking out till then. Then my mom's voice whispers in my ear - if it was bad they would not make you wait - thoughts....

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Welcome to the CSN. I hope by now you have learned more about the nodule and all is well.

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Did they mention anything about it being a granulated carcinoma nodule? My daughter was just diagnosed with one a month ago and they can be common. We went to all the Specialists and I couldn't get a consistant answer so we are going to Cleveland Clinic this week to a Plumonologist.

Hopefully we will both have good news. Good luck and I know it's crazy but TRY not to worry!

God Bless


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