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Colon Gone! Still Here!

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Joined: May 2009

I've had 3 major surgeries and 2 rounds of chemo. 35 days in ICU and people was making my funeral arrangements before I could say goodbye. Now after 5 years, I can say it's still haunts me and I wonder if it's going to go anywhere else in my body. So what do you do about it? Do you worry? Do you loose sleep over it or do you go out and live.
I love life and my family keeps me going. I feel blessed to still be here. I just want to say to everyone who is a survivor of cancer that you cheated death now. The "C" word is scary and makes you feel humble about life. I don't take things for granted anymore. Enjoy the simple things in life. Don't give up! I wouldn't be here otherwise.

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You been through one hell of an ordeal, and hope you just live life to the fullest! I know I am, I hope as with the everyone else here that one day they'll be just a cure for this so no more suffering has to go on for people who get this horrible disease, I pray for it all the time, thanks for sharing your story, it gives me hope, that's for sure!


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THESE are the types of messages that we ALL love!!!!!!!!!! Now you LIVE, you don't just EXIST! You relish in all that life has to offer!

Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic news!

Stacy <---who has been clear of stage 4 for almost 8 yrs now and still is humbled!

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Congratulations on 5 years! Sounds like you've had quite a journey. I'm so happy you proved people wrong when they were ready to bury you.


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Congratulations! You should be very proud of such an accomplishment. Celebrate by enjoy the small things every. single. day. Have FUN every.single. day.

I tell people all the time that I don't really miss my hair, I miss my colon! LOL canzerLand is a different place to be, but it ain't so bad.


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Glad to hear it. Stories like yours help keep the hope alive.


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Go forth and enjoy life! I have to finish this week's chemo, then next month's, then I should be done. I am waiting for the NED, then will start marking the triumphant years after that!

Thanks for this positive, uplifting post! Vicki

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Hope all goes well with you. Keep up the good work. The Baby in your photo is adorable.
Good luck!!

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Joined: Oct 2008

Is my youngest grandson Brady. He turned a year on April 4 and always makes the scrunchy face when he is happy about something. We managed to capture it while Mom was bringing out the dinosaur cake...


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You have hard a hard road, but you are there. Congrats... we can all learn so much from each other.

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4 years here....5 in November....since diagnosis when they said I had a 37% chance of survival, and 6 months to live (!!!). They also found breast cancer, and said "We will wait on treatment for that, since the chemo is different, until you survive this one (!!!!!)."

I showed them...at 6 months, almost to the day, I started treatment for my breast cancer...lol....survived that one, too....

Congrats on the 5 years!!!! Isn't it great to prove the stats WRONG?????

Hugs, Kathi

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