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A taste of help to keep cancer patients' pounds up

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Good article on nutrition:


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thank you for the post. Don't you hate it when you post and it's like no one gives a poop?

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It was a good article, I just wish I could eat anything solid. I've lost 63 pounds since January and all I can eat are broth soups and smoothies. I would give anything to eat a french fry and hamburger or even the vegetables from my soups. I just can't stand to swallow things. It gets in my mouth and just gets bigger and bigger until it gags me. Or at least that is my perception. I know it isn't getting bigger, it just seems like that to me. Even scrambled eggs do that.
After reading the article, though, I think I need to buy some protein powder.

Thanks for the article.

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Thanks so much for the article. My mother isn't eating much at all for a good while now and my family gets frustrated, but I know there's got to be physical reasons as well as emotional (she was diagnosed April 7th of this year but was sick for at least 6 months prior before notifying her doctor she was having problems.

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Oxaliplatin, and everything(just about)tastes terrible. At the beginning of my chemo, the bad, metal taste would only last about 2-3 days, now it may "kind of" stop a day before my next treatment. The only up side to this is I could stand to lose about 20 pounds, but I'm also on steroids and I've only lost about 5. I can eat just about anything if I'm very active, but on chemo I'm to worn out. if anyone has any suggestions on what to do on Oxaliplatin...please let me know.

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jen I am just the opposite of you on oxy...I have put on 25 pounds nothing fits. I eat everything...lots of fresh fruit, juices veg, soup and the occasional potato chip...yum love that salt.

Yesterday I had a new young onc and he siad we should all be mouth washing with simple baking soda and salt....he siad try it 4 or5 times a day....changes the fauna of the mouth and the taste. He felt it really helped with nausea....I am giving it a try. simple and cheap why not

Good luck

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