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Where do we go from here......

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Hi all,

It has taken me a while to come to grips with this....

Last Monday my husband went into the hospital to have a liver resection done.
They opened him up, removed one tumor attached to the diaphragm/liver. They then
checked out the lung and found numerous tumors on the right lung. They left the
2 tumors in his liver and just closed him up.

I believe our only options available now are chemo and or radiation. I know that
Bill will have to recouperate from surgery before they set our next course of treatment.



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I'm sorry that this seems to be a set back for you and Bill. After my colon and liver operation, I have had several mets in my lungs. I still have a few in them but the chemo that I've been on for the lungs for over 3 years has kept me going and my quality of life is not bad at all. It's really rather good. The exceptions are when there are surgeries but that is sometimes to be expected when dealing with cancer. It's not always taken out on the first try. I have been on Erbitux and CPT11 and the combination of the 2 have shrunken or stabilized the spots in my lungs and made them easier to operate on. There are protocols out there that work on this type of metastasis. I just want to let you both know that things can/will work out. There have been times that were not great but through all of this, I have worked full time and have a family with 2 young sons, a life, and a positive attitude that I will be around for quite a while still.
Best wishes for you both,

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As this was Bill's fourth major surgery, this will no longer be an option in the future.
The surgeon said that there was at least 50 tumors on the right lung, and he figured that there is probably the same on the left as well. He has turned his findings over to our cancer centre, and we are waiting on a call from them for the next course of action.

Even our family doctor can not believe how Bill is staying so positive thru this journey, and that everytime we get knocked down he just comes back up fighting.

You have given me hope that he will be around for for a long time to come!



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I just wanted to let you know that my husband also has many mets to his liver and lungs - I think the doctor said there were 40 - 60 on his lungs and about 10 on his liver. He had his colon resection, and underwent aggresive chemo for 6 months, and then was given a month off, then had all the tests again, we found out that the chemo has shrunk all of the tumors in his lungs and liver, and is considered NED. He will be on maintenance chemo for the rest of his life but we decided that it was a small price to pay to have him around. My husband also fought for his life, he once said to me, "I'm not going anywhere, I have stared the grim reaper in the face and told him i'm not going today or any day soon". My husband is a strong man, and therefore it has made me a stronger person, I fought with him and for him every day and I will continue to fight with and for him until the end.

Have faith, everything will work out!!!


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Listen to Phil and Kimby. They have been there and know from what they speak! And the rest of us are tugging hard on that rope. Many prayers are coming your way, as well as many hugs. Good for Bill to have his positive attitude! It is at least 50% of the battle.

{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}} Vicki

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I'm sorry. I know how devestating this is right now. I was there (celiac lymph nodes instead of lung mets) in January. I am proof that you have options.

Have you considered radiation? There is external beam (that's what worked for me) and stereotactic (cyberknife). How about RFA, HPH, microbeads (sir spheres/therrasperes), chemoembolization....there are many, many options out there. Lung mets will not keep him from all treatments.

If his team isn't willing to move forward you need more opinions. Go to a major canzer center and get an opinion. If you don't like that one go to another. I have many suggestions and can give you info on the above treatments if you want to pm me. Systemic chemo is NOT the only answer here.



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Please PM anything that you feel will help us. When we go back to the onc I would like to know what all of the options are, and therefore we are better informed. At our cancer centre they have round table meetings - so it is never one doctor deciding the treatments.

I am sure they will not start any treatment until Bill is healed from the surgery, so I am
thinking we will get a call to go to the Cross within the next month.

Thanks for all your help it is greatly appreciated!



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I do hope you and Bill will find something that will make a difference. I'll be praying for you.


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All prayers are greatfully accepted!

Looks like you had fun at the Relay. We are missing it this year because Bill has been in and out of the hospital so much. But our team will be back next year!



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Keep remembering Buzzard's comment about holding on to the
rope; that's a good plan and philleg is such an inspiration.
am so glad you are on this board philleg.....my prayers and thoughts
are with you Canada Sue.


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Keep the hope that all will be improving. Like others have said there are other options to look at and some have been in treatment for sometime with quality of life. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Try to stay positive, he still does have options which is good I hope he gets well so.


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Thank you all for your responses!

I guess I just let the situation get the better of me for a bit.

But we are now back in fight mode!

Our cancer centre has advised us that they are reviewing Bill's case tomorrow, and we should then have an appointment next week to plan out
the next course of action.

We are hanging onto that rope really tight!

Once again thank you all for the responses, it gives us HOPE!



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