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Davinci prostectomy in uk

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My dad is 62 y.he got diagnosed with PC about 2 months ago with PSA 7.3, Gleason score6.he had a test again this week and the PSA has gone up to 11.5 now.I am looking for an expert who does Davinci prostectomy in uk. I have been advised the expert should have carried out large numbers of operatios. Could you please recommend me who is the best in uk?
My second question is using hormone therapy meanwhile he is waiting for the appointment ? Some urologist advices not to take and some have advised to take. Can any one please advice me in these matters?appreciate it

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As this is the American cancer site you may have a hard time finding recommendations. Try http://www.cancerindex.org/clink44k.htm to get started in your search.

We are here though to share our stories.

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