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something sorta "bumpy" right on top middle of stomach...[UPDATE]

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Hello again,

My mom had her 2nd chemo about 12 days ago, the 3rd one coming this upcoming Monday...anyways right after her 2nd chemo, she started having abdominal pain (pain threshold like 3 out of 10) and it went away so doc/us assumed it is due to the 5FU she was attached to and side effects. Its been 12 days, this abdominal pain showed up again (pain threshold like 2 out of 10 based on her) last thursday and all the way till now...i tried to see what it is, and a part of it can be described as heart burn or whatever, but when she explains that its sorta kinda bumpy...she was right..now im scared that her cancer is spreading rapidly since her cancer already has spread throughout her liver, that was a diagnosis 2 months ago...now she has this "new" problem of having sort of a bump on the middle top part of the abdomen just below the chest, picture very middle of abdomen...i know the liver is located around that area right? like the left lobe...ahhhh i hate trying to be the doctor, but anyways, please let me know if you had an experience about this..i really hope its more a stomach/heart burn problem, and not the cancer acting up..all and all she still feels fine, but this thing is just bothering her and i hope that it doesnt get worse..any suggestions/experiences can help

05/19 UPDATE:
BASICALLY the head nurse stated it might be a hernia...then today my mom had to go to the ER for precautionary reasons since her blood pressure..it was soo high 200+/100+...i was at work but my dad took her there, basically they tried to decrease it which it did after 3 hrs...im really scared because her headache was the whole day..but thankfully Xray and CT scan showed nothing wrong with her heart and brain..question: THIS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, IS THIS SOMETHING U HAVE TROUBLE CONTROLLING? ESP. PERSISTENT HEADACHE??

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Might be a partial bowel obstruction. There is usually a bubbly feeling, and the pain comes and goes...sort of like eating too much, and you KNOW you are going to have some serious toilet time...

I would, if the pain gets worse this weekend, and ESPECIALLY if she starts vomiting, to take her to the ER. If it doesn't get any worse, just call her oncologist first thing Monday, and tell him/her about mom's symptoms...

I've had 9 obstructions...8 partials that I cleared myself, one full that landed me in hospital. BUT that was a loooooong time ago, and things to get better, and this, too, with the right care, will pass...whatever it is...

Hugs, Kathi

tiny one
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Possibly could it be a hernia or scar tissue? I had an ostomy for 10 months and sometimes it would get more pronounced until things would pass thru. Don't assume the worst, make sure they check her out.

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Hi marc,

Depending on the incision site vs this bumpy thing, you may want to see if it's an incisional hernia. I had one and waited a couple years to get it fixed. It was right above my belly button but not right over the incision. And yes, it hurt off and on.

Every little pain or twinge can send us off into fearland. So understandable since we know the reality of what this disease can bring into our lives. Let's hope it's as simple as a hernia!

peace, emily

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THE Doc stated that it also is the chemo "reacting" in the liver...i hate this but i guess its the facts of life

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I too had an incisional hernia (still do actually) which causes some discomfort. Overall, I have had a lot of various aches and pains over the last two years that seemed somewhat mysterious but ended up subsiding. It takes a while for the body to heal and sometimes that is what that pain is about. It is always good to report any concerns to your doctor though. I am going to get the hernia fixed in the next couple of months.

Cheers, Lance

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