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Hi everyone

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Paula G.
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I am wondering a couple of things. First is there a way to lookup other peoples DX to compare treatments? Also my husband is on FOLFOX plus Avastin. He gets real bad hicups the first couple of days. He has the pump on for three days. Has anyone else had this side effect?
We ask the nurse about things we notice and she always says yeah it's the Chemo. She most likely hears it all and everyone is different. Paula G.

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Hi Paula,

There was a thread here a little while ago where everyone chimed in and gave a little run down on their DX and the treatments they were/had been on. Also, if you click on a person's name, you will get their "About Me" page... but you will only get whatever information a person has put there to share with others.

Hmmm... can't help you with the hiccup thing. I was on FOLFOX but not the Avastin. I didn't get hiccups, so I couldn't tell you if hubby's hiccups were just a different side affect than I had with the FOLFOX or if it was the Avastin that causes it. But I would say the fact he gets them real bad the first couple of days of each treatment, then yes, this is probably one of the many possible side affects of the chemo.

It's true... everyone is different and then again some people share the same symptoms. If you read the list of possible side affects from chemo, the list is a mile long... but it doesn't mean everyone is going to get every side affect listed. Very few, if anyone, would ever get ALL the side affects listed... but it's very common for everyone to get at least one or two, and in some cases more.



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I had the hiccups when I was on the FOLFOX, they gave me some pills. I can't remember the name but when I get home I can check and see what it was if you want. I didn't get them all the time but I remember a few times where I could not say more than 2 words w/o having a hiccup attack. It was kind of funny in a way.

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Paula G.
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Thanks yes if you can give me the name of pills. His are real hard. It is strange.

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