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Relay for Life

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Just wanted to share because I am excited. I will be walking the survivor lap at Relay for Life tomorrow night. My Mom, a friend of hers and a friend of mine will be walking together. Next year I am going to start up a team, I wanted to this year but just wasn't up to it yet. Should be fun!

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My husband and I walked in the Survivors' Lap in our local Relay last week. It is an emotional moment. I didn't expect to be so moved, but my husband and I BOTH cried. Enjoy! Take tissues!

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Dear Deanna14,

I'll be anxious to hear how you make out at Relay! I'm going to walk the Survivors Lap at our Relay on June 12. I should be easily able to do it by then. I'm recovering from surgery and some complications (infection, etc.) this April and May.

Being a Survivor has been such an important focus in my life over the last months that it's important to me to do the Survivor's Lap, as a "Hooray...I made it!". I was just diagnosed in March. I figure this is the year, since God willing, the coming years will be more normal, with "Cancer Survivor" just a part of me, rather than the whole.

Enjoy the experience, and the celebration of your accomplishments.

Take care,


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May you have many more years to walk in the survivor's lap. It is wonderful you can share it with your Mom and a friend. Our Relay for Life is June 5-6th. My neice is getting married in St. Louis, so I won't be able to participate. May it be a memorable experience for you. Hope all goes well that you can have your last chemo on Monday. HUGS to you.

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Relay was really awesome! Shed a few tears, but that is okay. Next year I definately want to have a team and stay all night. We didn't get to stay for the Hope ceremony, but we walked the survivor lap. It was very powerful and moving! I might attend another Relay in my home town in June and maybe I will be able to stay until after the luminaries are all lit up.

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Congrats on the relay for life. I just signed up for mine in Colorado, July 24. It will be in the middle of radiation, so I hope it will be fine. I also signed up as a volunteer as an RN, but maybe that will be too much. We'll see.

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If you feel like I did during radiation, I mostly just was very fatiqued. So, I think you will be okay with the walk. At least with ours, you walked part of the way around the track (slowly) to accomadate all of the survivors and care givers. Then we stopped for a period of time for the opening ceremony, then you walked to rest of the track at a leisurely pace. There were people in wheelchairs and walkers.
I don't know about the RN volunteer part, I didn't realize one could do that. I may have to check in to that next year.
Like Linda said, take some tissues with you. It is a very moving experience.

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What an awesome thing to do Deanna. You're not just talkin the talk - You are walking it. It was very courageous of you.

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