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Results of my FIRST CT Scan.....

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....Since my diagnosis in January 2009 of being Stage 4 with a tumor in the liver...and let me tell you, after being hospitalized twice and having a colostomy in the past 4 months, it was the best news I've heard in awhile!

My doctor said the chemo has killed most of the cancer, shrunk the liver tumor, and is eager to keep on it, she knows the percentile is very small with people having these results, but with I believe in the power of prayers, and my positive and humorous attitude does help as well! She is being very agressive with it, and was all smiles with my results, so, you stage 4's, just keep on fighting, it can be done, the chemo can crush this stupid disease!!!! This was just my first scan, but I am so happy to even hear that it's killed MOST of the cancer. I hope the 2nd scan will be just as good as the first...

I was up all night worrying about this day, and now I can sleep alittle easier!

Hugssss to you all for your positive thoughts, vibes and prayers! Thank you for giving me the strength to go on! without all of you, I would be in a dark hole right now! I love you all!


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So glad about your results! That is great news! I go next month to have my liver rescanned to see if lesion is growing or active. So good that the treatments are killing the cancer cells.

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That is great news. I bet you feel so good right now! The power of prayer, support and a kicka%% attitude can do wonders.


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Great news Donna! So happy to hear you are making good progress on blasting that tumor to smithereens!!


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That is great news! You just keep going and continue to kick a$$ on this cancer. Thanks for sharing. Keep fighting!

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You certainly deserve it.................I love hearing that kind of news...... :)

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Hi Buzzard,
I hope you're enjoying being off chemo!
Good to hear from you.

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I bet you were dancing on cloud 9 out of that doctor's office :)
So glad to hear things are going so well!


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Yes, I was definitely on cloud 9!! thanks for the words of encougarment all, Now I just have to worry about Scan 2...NO, I won't do that though, I now have the hope more then I did, cause you wonder if it's doing anything, and it is :)

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Take it a day at a time...the next scan can wait and you will handle it when it's the right time. Besides, I have faith it will be good! Positive thoughts only.

I am not stage 4 (original DX was stage 3) but had a complete response to chemo/radiation and when I had my surgery, there was no tumor left. It CAN happen. So glad you are having such a good response as well.

Keep up the good work! LOL! We care. Vicki

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I will say, you do have a GREAT & POSITIVE attitude. Does Onc Dr recommend surgery for the liver tumor?

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....Very happy and just so enthusiastic, I believe the team will have plans for me now, we were taking it one step at a time, as she likes to plan in hopes of crossing that bridge, before getting any bad news when hopes were too high of getting there..and she doesn't like planning ahead of how things will turn out, because you never know ahead of time, and she had said sometimes she had thoughts that the regimen may not take, but people surprise her, and she said "She had sent out alot the people with liver surgery, who she didn't think would be able to send", but she has, she had a huge smile on her face the whole time, It was the first time, that I knew I had real confidence in this woman as well, I really like her, she is really agressive and gave me so much more hope that I haven't had in 4 months since the dx, she just told me she was very happy to hear I wanted to start sooner then expected, and was very eager. She is definitely letting that "guard" up on her I sometimes felt, I didn't think she would loosen up, but she is definitely loosening up in front of me....It was cool..lol

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Congratulations on your great news,I come to this board almost everyday, but I'm a little lazy about posting but I've been following your journey and praying a lot for you,I pray for all of you, but when I see a young mother with children,fighting desperately this awful disease,it breaks my heart. PLEASE enjoy this wonderful news and don't think about the next scan,that is how I do it, I start worrying like 2 weeks before the next one but in the meanwhile I live my life to the fullest. I will continuing praying for you for the best news on your next scan.

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You have the right attitude girl! Kick that cancer where it hurts. You are strong and can do this. Lots of stage 4s have positive stories. We are all with you.

Cheers, Lance

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Good news I am Happy for you


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Wonderful news ...your lovely spirit will continue to help the meds do their thing to kick this things a%%!!!

Blesses to you and loved ones. Celebrate life!!!

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That is wonderful news. I know you have been through a lot and even having to stop chemo for awhile so this is great results. You keep going.


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AWESOME news, Shayenne....and it gives me an extra great feeling
to be able to say that to you knowing all that you have gone
through over the past months including that wild middle of the
night emergency trip to Columbus and how scared you were of
all that was going to be done in treatment.....it is just
WONDERFUL news and you go out and celebrate until the
roosters crow!!


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Great news! It gives you that recharging that you need to keep on fighting like you have been.Makes it all seem worth it when you get positive news and results. Couldn't be happier for you.

I am IN IT TO WIN IT as well.


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I am new to this board. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer November of last year. Had my surgery and am in the middle of chemo treatments now. That's very exciting about your CT. Keep up the good work.


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