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I'm Very Frustrated - Thursday Update at bottom

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I had my port installed this morning, well actually it has been 7 hours. Everything was going according to schedule - they just started to prep me. They hadn't taken a certain blood test so they did that and then put in the needle for the IV - OUCH. Something just didn't feel right at all. They started the IV and I mentioned the pain to the nurse but she said it was normal for it to sting when the IV fluids started. OK, I'll buy that.

I waited for about 45 minutes (probably for the lab tests) and my husband was allowed in. I told him about the IV and he said to say something more. So I did and they said it was because of where it was located and just to keep my arm still. OK, I'll buy that too.

Finally get wheeled off to operating room and when I was trying to get over on that little bed that needle shot inside my arm and I could feel that. I said ouch several times, gritted my teeth and said something was wrong. They said the drip isn't working. Dr. said try again, was told again to turn my arm and hold it there so the drip would work. Then they kept rubbing up and down it to keep it going and I winched again and said Ouch. Dr. said go ahead and try and find another spot. They couldn't get it in. Ouch again as they poked through the vein. Dr. told them go ahead and try and use original IV spot. Long story short I was told by the doctor "to calm down it is only an IV line and that I was getting too upset." I was angry. I didn't say anything else, but I got very little twilight medicine and was awake through the whole thing. The worst part of that surgery was the constant pain from the IV site.

After it was done they were talking amongst themselves and I heard them say something about a sub infusion or something like that. (My interpretation, it wasn't inserted right at the beginning and medicine ended up all underneath the skin.) There solution is for me to keep a warm compress on it which will take hours to be absorbed in my system. My arm is twice the size of the other one because all the IV fluid and medicine welled up in that one area.

I surely didn't mean to be a "baby" but that hurt and every time the nurse leaned into my arm that needle went further into my arm - not my vein. I actually went through that whole port insertion with just the local.

Sorry for the rant and glad it's over with.


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He told you to CALM DOWN???!!!!! I would have slugged him and all of the nurses as they leaned into the obviously incorrectly inserted IV!!!! We survivors go through enough CRAP, we don't need to add other people's incompetence to the list! I am so sorry this happened. I would DEFINITELY make a complaint to the hospital administrator, head of the surgery department, head nurse, etc! That just isn't alright! So, since you didn't get any of the twilight meds into your veins, can we assume you will be slightly groggy as it's absorbed from your tissues into your blood stream and eventually out through elimination?
I'm feeling for ya sister!

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Yes they said it would take all day for this to get absorbed into my system, but they didn't give me a lot because the IV wasn't working. Actually before I left I complained to the discharge nurse about how swollen my arm was and she told me it was because of the needle not be inserted right and then told me that is why my arm was swollen and that is where all the medicine went. She then told me that is how they do horses and cows and just put it under their skin so that it takes all day to absorb it. I know she was just trying to tell me that it wouldn't hurt me to have all that medicine located in that one area and it will go through my system. Just very upset. Yes, we do go through enough crap.

I just don't like confrontations. Geez I'm a whimp LOL.


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Angel had problems when they had to draw blood every month He'd come home and say Great she was digging around it hurts i bet i get a big bruse, and sure enough he did . But now you have the port any test they do you tell them you have a port and they will acess that area . angel was ok with the power port because it was alot more easier on him. so good luck with the port I'm sory your arm got messed up.


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Wow- I'm sorry and frustrated for you that you had to go through that and the doctor acted so jerky! I just wish they would LISTEN to patients more and not try to cover things up when they make mistakes! So frustrating!

Well, now I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and healing from the port surgery. Just baby that spot and side for a while. Just know that it WILL get to the point where you don't even notice it anymore. How long it takes to get to that point varies from person to person, apparently. I pray yours adjusts and heals quickly!


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Kim I just had to let you know that isnt right they should have listened to you You will be scared to get anything else done there that is not proper care at all they should have showenn you some respect, I went through a similar situation when I got my port in it was with the anastesologist excuse the spelling there anyway I told him what to give me so I would not get sick but he was too busy trying to show off for nurses and being A excuse the french a pompass *** he gave me something that did make me sick all day anyways I told my dr about it and told him I would never go back under that so called drs care for anything what they did to you should be reported the patient does have rights you pay their paycheck,
I work as a nurses aide in a nursing home and anybody in health care should always listen to the patient or they shouldnt be in the field of healthcare in my opinion sorry bout the long post when I read your post it just got to me good luck


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He actually told you to CALM DOWN? I would have shot off that table and kicked his head out of his rear where it obviously was! There is absolutely no excuse for that! Plus, when you kept telling them that it was wrong they blew you off! I think a grown woman knows when something is not right. I would definitely write the hospital and let them know what they have on staff, if not sue. What a terrible thing for you to deal with. Hang in there, Sweetie. But deal with it now so they know they can't get away with that stuff.


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What a lousy bummer......wasn't supposed to be that bad!
I would follow up the talk with the nurse with a letter
to head of the department, hospital administrator or
someone.....pointing out not only the doc's comment but
the ineptitude of the nurse who did that and didn't listen
and didn't understand what had happened from the beginning.

Hoping you feel better soon.

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....CALM DOWN????? I would have told him to switch places with me and then tell himself to CALM DOWN!!! when nurses can't get my IV in on the 2nd try, I MAKE them get me someone else who can, I don't care if it upsets them or not, I don't try to be mean about it or anything, but I will want someone else who can try getting it on the first shot, those things don't tickle!

So Sorry the twilight didn't take, wow, sounds like you have quite a few incompetent people working there who have absolutely no bedside manners, or sure show they don't give a crap about your feelings. I would have definitely complained to the head administrators, that's for sure, you should have never been treated like that!

Hugssss to you!

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So sorry about your awful experience with the port surgery. I have had bad experiences like that in the hospital, and also good ones, but the bad ones are the ones that you remember the most. A lot of health care "professionals" really need re-educated about listening to the patient. A lot of mistakes are made in the health care profession, I don't know the solutions for a lot of the problems, but them listening to us would be a start! Hope your arm gets to feeling better, and you heal quick from the port insertion.

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I am so sorry that you were put through such a bad ordeal. Shame on those people for being so unprofessional. Big hugs to you.

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I don't have much to add to what has already been said, but know we are pulling for you. Please report this to the hospital admin staff. No one should suffer for any procedure.

Many Hugs, Vicki

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That just plain sucks! I was ok for the port insertion, but I remember when I had surgery in November they did that to me with something, and wouldn't listen to me at all when I told them I knew it wasn't supposed to hurt like that. They kept giving me warm blankets to help the IV, when I showed it to Nick, who used to be an EMT, he was the one who threw the hissy fit for me - and it worked - boy the apologies flew then!

Hope you feel better. Fortunately you have the port now, should make things go easier for you.

Julie 44
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I can't understand that Doc...I think also you should make a complaint...When I had my port put in I felt everything..I told them over and over but they gave me no more drugs. My Port is very low they say.So they could never get blood from it..I always had to be stuck in the arm...I too had pain when they inserted it but they would take it out and do it over..there was only two nurses who could do it without pain...They told me to ask for them everytime and no one else...Which I did..Hang in there not all staff members are idiots just some..Good luck Stay strong it does get better..It gets worse than better...but you can overcome this too...JULIE

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I went to the hospital today for my chemo teaching and told the receptionist to tell my doctor what happened yesterday. I was getting ready to go into class and she called me back to a room and my doctor came in (obviously receptionist knew I was so upset and told my doctor about it). I told her what happened and started crying, I'm just so emotional right now about everything. I told her I never wanted that doctor to touch me again, even for port removal. She made a note in m file and told me she was so sorry for my experience and said that I wasn't treated well at all.

Bottom line is, I got my story out to several people there and although I didn't want to get him in trouble, I didn't want my situation unknown to my doctor either.

Thanks for your comments and concern, you all are a wonderful inspiration when I need it most! Kim

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I'm glad you stood up for yourself. That was horrendous treatment!


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I am so glad you spoke out to your doctor; quality care is
only going to happen when we absolutely demand it and
refuse to accept nothing else.....medical folks are not
gods, they do make mistakes and need to be reminded.


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